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We have new bloggers joining FTB, and most of them will need a few dazed days to get their blogs together, but Odgraphix is up and running, with a terrific post.

Also up and running, Reprobate Spreadsheet, known to some of us as Hj Hornbeck, and Crip Dyke, at Pervert Justice. There’s also a rumor going  around about The Babbler, check it out. And say hi to Rowan at Cobs Web, too!

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Taking the Day.


I don’t want to, but I’m taking the day to try and somewhat banish dirt and disorder from my house. I tend to ignore dirt and disorder for great lengths of time, so I have a lot of work to do. I’d much rather be painting, all those new supplies…aarrgh. Cleaning first. See you all on Sunday, everyone party safely please.

Have a Very Merry!

Have a very merry whatever, everyone, even if this is nothing more than a few days off – enjoy them. Here’s hoping we can usher in the next year with a renewed spirit of resistance, and a firm commitment to be caring and compassionate towards people. Right at this moment, I’m feeling distinctly burnt out, so I’ll be gone for a couple of days. We’re finally going to sit down and watch the second season of Agents of Shield, how’s that for exciting times? :D

The Daily Bird will be up, and I have some lovely stuff from rq, which will probably find it’s way on the blog over the next couple of days, and there might be some giftie showing off, but that’s about it. I’ve had it with nothing but bad and ugly news, and more than anything, I want to pretend it isn’t so for a day or two.  So, I’ll sorta see you all over the very merry whatever.

Remember, the endless thread is always open, if you want to talk, or need to vent, be silly, or anything else. As always, I’m reachable via email (on the sidebar), and if I’m needed in any way, send me an electronic holler, so to speak. I won’t be far. All my love to those of you who have made this blogging venture a viable one for me.


© C. Ford. Yes, we made them several years ago.

Treacherous Weather.

Today, the skies are achingly clear, and the sun is strong and bright, it beckons one outside. Unfortunately, the message of sky, sun! is a treacherous one. -18 F today; there are frostbite warnings if you stay outside for over 10 minutes, and you can see every breath you take. Photos taken from the safety of my studio.


© C. Ford.

The end of horses.

For now, anyway. The last four horses are done (sorry about the bad photos), and the great news is that with a couple of coupons, was able to score batting for around $54.00, rather than $80.00 something. Tomorrow will see heat setting the horses, measuring the edges, and getting a hem set all the way around, getting the batting cut to fit, then it will be time to quilt. Tomorrow, Rick has to cook mass quantities of food for a work potluck, and I’d like to make time to watch Suffragette with him (it’s also his last night home for four days), so it might be a light blogging day. For sure it’s going to start late in the morning, because I’m off to take pain meds and collapse. Gonna snooze in a bit for a change.






Wandering off for a bit…


I was at the Pain Clinic yesterday, and boy, did I ever feel that spinal injection. It’s making me a bit nuts today, and I’m having a very rough time sitting, even on two lush cushions, so I’m going to wander off. I have to make some new art cards anyway, as I’m down to two. (Hello, my wonderful pain clinic peoples!) My wonderful pain clinic people treat my cranky self much better than I ever deserve, and yes Doc, you can tease me all you like. :D  So, I’m off to lie down to take pressure off my poor ol’ spine, and play with markers. There might be a late start tomorrow, but I’ll get back into rhythym quickly, I promise. Oh, I don’t have a pic yet, but while I was moaning and groaning about how much some art supplies were eating into my wallet, I came across a wonderful new set of toys: Sharpie Fabric Markers! Excitement. Can’t wait to play with them.

Goodbye, Doc, and Thank you.

Dr. Richard Arazi.

Dr. Richard Arazi.

I just found out that my neurologist of close to 20 years has died. Dr. Arazi had planned on retiring in December, so I saw him for the last time in May. He was a man of gentle humour, and quiet pride in his family. We always used to get wonderfully distracted, discussing books or other interesting things. He was an altogether lovely man, and a very caring physician. My thanks, for all your care over the years.

Efficiency, how I love thee.



About a month ago, our washing machine quietly died, with a tub full of clothes and water. Not entirely unexpected, it certainly hadn’t been running well for years, but it did run, so the time never seemed right to replace it. The dryer was still working, but again, not all that well. They were over 20 years old, and not terribly expensive when we bought them. In hindsight, we really should have considered replacing them years ago, rather than just doing the standard ‘run them to death’.

Wednesday, we brought home a Samsung set, mid-priced at around $1,200. (I know, still a lot of money!) That pain in the pocket is one reason for the ‘run them to death’ business. Having finally gotten them installed on Thursday, and starting to catch up with the insane amount of piled up laundry, oh, I wish we had done this years ago. You just don’t know how very badly your old machine works until you get a brand new, updated one. I am hoping these will be the last we have to buy, but if they start working as badly as our old ones at some point, I won’t hesitate to get new. I’m not used to having touchpads, or a separate power / start-pause system, so I keep setting them, then turning them off, but I’ll get used to it eventually. They are wonderfully efficient, quiet, and have the best machine feature ever – the capability to mute all sounds. For every load of wash, the readout lets you know how long it will take (same as the dryer), which is a nice feature. I have not bothered with the “OMG, you absolutely must use this special detergent” stuff, I just cut way down on the amount of the regular stuff, as I have a whole lot of it, and I’m not tossing it out. Now it will last even longer.

Very nice machines. Now to get on with all that laundry…

An actual bathroom crime

columbus division of police

Columbus division of police

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Police in Ohio’s capital are searching for a man who’s been pilfering plumbing from stores, hospitals and restaurants.

Dubbed the Bathroom Bandit, Columbus police say he enters various local establishments, visits the men’s restroom, disconnects the plumbing and leaves with the stolen parts in his backpack.

A police department spokeswoman says the businesses won’t only have to replace the parts, but hire a plumber to repair the man’s toilet tinkering. She said his crimes may be unusual, but they’re still felonies.

Articles here and here.

Okay, I’ll admit to being terribly curious as to the why here. The ‘Bathroom Bandit’ doesn’t seem to be terribly concerned with being identified or caught.

UPDATE: The bathroom bandit, Gilbert Duwayne Courts, has been caught. The police say Courts was stealing the fixtures for scrap to support a drug habit.