The end of horses.

For now, anyway. The last four horses are done (sorry about the bad photos), and the great news is that with a couple of coupons, was able to score batting for around $54.00, rather than $80.00 something. Tomorrow will see heat setting the horses, measuring the edges, and getting a hem set all the way around, getting the batting cut to fit, then it will be time to quilt. Tomorrow, Rick has to cook mass quantities of food for a work potluck, and I’d like to make time to watch Suffragette with him (it’s also his last night home for four days), so it might be a light blogging day. For sure it’s going to start late in the morning, because I’m off to take pain meds and collapse. Gonna snooze in a bit for a change.







  1. Ice Swimmer says

    The wavy three-dimensionality of the blue and gold horse is great. The white and grey one makes me think of clouds and air. The black one’s so wonderfully black.

    Have a good night’s sleep.

  2. jimb says

    Ice Swimmer @ @ 2:

    The black one’s so wonderfully black

    Yes, beautiful in its simplicity. And despite the “bad photo”, I’m seeing a lot of detail in it.

    Caine @ 3:

    I’m hoping for a nap later

    Naps, also, are beautiful in their simplicity. :-)

  3. jimb says

    Also, I’m having kind of a crappy day, so looking at the horse quilt progress and admiring the photos is helping relieve some of that. Thanks!

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