Finally went machine shopping yesterday, brought home an Asus, Athena. After I get it set up, Hekate (the Lenovo I have a hatehatehate relationship with) will be yet another machine for Rick. Not looking forward to dealing with Winshit 10. And I really, really need to clean my desk.



  1. AndrewD says

    Caine, Desks only need cleaning if you can’t put a cup of Tea down safely.(Or if your Rats complain)

  2. blf says

    They are forty-foot high killer rats. They don’t complain, they just step… squish!… reinforced desks made of British Industrial Cheddar are recommended to support said rats, but the computer is still winds up being a paper-thin pâté of electronic blobs.

  3. says

    Mine is an all in one ‘ideacentre’, and it’s a piece of shit. It has all of *two* usb ports, no card reader, no dvd player, an abomination of a monitor sensor which constantly needs to be shut down, no way to kill the touch screen, and it hates usb hubs, and will rarely allow them to function. It also won’t work and play at all with speakers or headphones.

    I’m sure there are Lenovos out there that work, but this one doesn’t, and hasn’t from day fucking one. Less than a month old, it had to go in for fan replacement, and I don’t want to get into the hell that was, took them fucking forever, and another month to talk them into sending another replacement fan, which was needed, because after I got it back, the second fan failed. Now the first replacement fan is failing. I absolutely hate this fucking thing.

    The Asus? 6 usb ports, hdmi port, phone/dongle port, card reader, and DVD player. Larger screen, and cost considerably less than the piece of fucking shit.

  4. says

    One of those things -- machine affinity. I’ve done well with every Asus I’ve owned, and I’ve had a number of them, but they were all laptops.

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