Boo Stead

Today was the day – we finally got an appointment at our GP to get our yearly COVID-19 and flu shots. One in the left shoulder, the other in the right one. I forgot which was which, but both shoulders are slowly starting to ache. I expect to be completely useless tomorrow. Last fall I got both boosters at the same time too and it was not as dreadful as the previous two COVID-19 shots were. Still, I am not looking forward to tonight and tomorrow.

Regarding other things, I did not comment on recent events for a while because I just barely manage. Just to clarify one of the latest issues – I do not support the killing of children or innocent people of any age when Hamas does it, and I do not support it when IDF does it either.


  1. Jazzlet says

    I hope the side effects are not as bad as you expect.

    I have just found out that my pharmacist will give me both flu and COVID vaccinations even though I’m only 63, they think the various chronic problems I have qualify me as “vulnerable”. On the one hand this is good as I get vaccinated, and for free, on the other hand it confirms that at least one medical professional classes me as “vulnerable” which is depressing (and yes depression is one of my medical problems).

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