Close Encounters of the Graffiti Kind

When waiting for my father to come back from a doctor’s appointment, I wandered around a bit and went into an underground garage. I was around and about there several times, but I do not ever remember wandering inside. But the weather was extremely hot and I needed some shade and cold. So I went down the stairs…

…and there I saw beautiful graffiti that immediately caught my eye.

© Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full size.

I had to take two photographs and make a composite, this thing is huge, ca 4 m tall and 10 m in length. Graffiti is usually just pieces of vandalism around here, just initials or a highly stylized signature lazily sprayed over some newly painted facade. Those deserve a ding around the ear and a duty to pay for the cleaning/repainting. But this is a work of art and it was probably done with the approval of the garage owner. This must have taken several days of work at least. And that was just the start.

© Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full size.

There were some small insect pictures on some of the support columns, and that still was not all. The whole huge second wall was covered with art too. Possibly done by several different artists because it had several distinct styles.

© Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full size.

The last two panels of the walls did contain beautiful pictures too, but also bear witness that the graffiti vandals seem incapable of not being vandals for a bit, even when the thing they are vandalizing is someone else’s graffiti.

© Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full size.

© Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full size.



  1. jrkrideau says

    We have a concrete retaining wall in a park near me that has so “Authorized” graffiti but nothing approaching that level. It is amazing.

  2. voyager says

    Wow, that’s fabulous.
    Art isn’t just in galleries and museums. Art is a force that exists in humans. It’s the desire to create and breathe life into the spaces where we live and those of us who lack the skill are able to appreciate the art that others leave for us.
    The last photo with the portrait of the woman is amazing.
    Thanks for sharing, Charly.

  3. bodach says

    Very cool indeed.
    I wish there were more landowners allowing art in their spaces. Even most vandals can respect art like your post (only most, unfortunately).

  4. Jazzlet says

    I love the Toltec (?) steampunk, but the are all amazing. Thank you for sharing Charly!

  5. StevoR says

    Adelaide has its own share of excellent murals and street art onwalls that are so much better and mor einteresting than having them just blank. Sadly we a lot of the ugly and boring taging type graffitii too.get a lot of

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