Jack’s Walk

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The weather has turned cold again and the mud has firmed up into ridges that catch the edge of your boots. This morning on our walk I tripped a few times but managed to avoid falling, a feat few of my friends will believe, but I swear is true. It was all a bit jarring, though, and I did come home with a few aches in unusual places.

After our walk, I went for an x-ray of my spine that involved a few “problematic” positions and by the time I got home again, I was in pain and feeling the strain of extra gravity. The pain is better now that I’m supine and resting, but the gravity isn’t easing. I suspect it’s related to the storm that’s moving in tonight. They’re calling for a mix of freezing rain and snow to start around midnight and end around 7 a.m.,  just in time for everyone’s morning commute. I hope it’s mostly snow. Some of our trees are in early bud and a load of ice on their branches right now could be disastrous.


  1. lumipuna says

    I generally like walking on bare frozen soil in winter, as typical alternatives include mud, ice and slush. Of course, dry snow would also be nice.

    Last night, it snowed about 1 mm just before I went out -- Impressive, I know. A few mm more, and I wouldn’t have seen the frozen puddle I nearly walked into. Those become fucking dangerous when they’re covered by thin loose snow. I wasn’t wearing cleats, or particularly watching my steps, because at least 99 % of the ground is entirely ice free. If it were icy everywhere under some pitifully thin snow cover, it’d be fucking difficult to walk even with cleats, but at least then I’d feel like it’s worth being careful.

  2. Nightjar says

    The weather is weird here too. Yesterday and today I dressed for early spring and regretted not having dressed for late spring. 23ºC in early February, really?

    Meanwhile, one of our chickens decided that it was time to go broody. Probably not a good decision, but who can blame her?

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