Jack’s Walk

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That black dog with Jack is my brother-in-law’s dog, Angus. He should have been named Satan because he is full of the devil. He teases Jack with toys and then runs away and refuses to share. He barks loud and long at every shadow, and when he wants your attention, he whines until it feels like my ears are bleeding. He’s also restless and prone to patrolling. Angus is mostly Australian Shepherd and true to his breed, he likes to herd. Since we have no sheep for the boy to watch over, he herds the people around him instead. He’s happiest when we’re all together in a knot, and he can control our perimeter.

Angus also herds his toys, placing them together on the seat of a chair with careful deliberation. That’s sort of cute. And he dances when you scratch his bum. That’s kinda cute, too. So are the wet, sloppy kisses he gives me every time I bend over. Alright, I admit it, he’s adorable, but I’m sure glad I only have to live with him for 2 weeks a year.






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