My first Commission – Part 8 – Bugger

I thought I will finish shaping the handle today. Instead, I have to start all over again – the piece of cherrywood that I used had some deep cracks (they were not on the outside) that got too wide and too visible in addition to two unseemly knots. The knots themselves could be seen as a part of the wood, but the cracks kill it definitively.

I have just spent some 2 hours shaping a piece of firewood.


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    I feel with you.
    In our attempt to close all possible mouse highways today we spent 2 hours finally trying to lower the draft stop on the cellar door. In the end we had to admit that you’d need to be able to open the door 110° (we only get 80 because of the radiator), or remove the door from the hinges (not going to happen, it weighs almost 60kg).
    I’ll just buy one of those draft stops you can glue to the door…

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