A Progression of Beautiful Mornings

It’s been a while and I’ve collected quite a few, so here, all at once, is a collection of mornings at the train station, from about mid-January to the very beginning of April. It all starts out quite dark, gloomy and melodramatic, as January ought to be – it is, after all, the depth of cruel winter, and the freezing grip of the season is unrelenting…

January. ©rq, all rights reserved.

February. ©rq, all rights reserved.

Beginning of March. ©rq, all rights reserved.

©rq, all rights reserved.

©rq, all rights reserved.

The very end of March. ©rq, all rights reserved.

Yes, this bit of frost and snow we had was in April – absolutely beautiful, and all the more so because the change to summer time meant the sun was at an ideal angle, the light was stunning. ©rq, all rights reserved.

©rq, all rights reserved.

And of course a day later… ©rq, all rights reserved.

In the mood of a retrospective, what many of you don’t know is that I used to play the violin. I say ‘used to’, because while technically I suppose I still could, purely technically? I kind of suck these days. I’ve been maintaining my piano skills, but I’ve lent out my violin to a friend who is actually using it (after all, to keep an instrument happy, it must be played).

Back when I did still play, this was one of my favourite pieces – I played it for my RCM Grade 9 exam, and I’d forgotten quite how beautiful it was.


  1. voyager says

    Thanks, rq. The light in the last few photos is gorgeous, especially the second to last. I love to track the increase of light in springtime.

  2. Nightjar says

    I love the progression, a very interesting series. The second to last is absolutely gorgeous, the landscape and the light are beautiful!

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