Wednesday Wings

Hello and Welcome to Wednesday Wings, one of the new features replacing the Daily Bird. Today’s gorgeous pics are from David in NZ, who writes the following:

This is Manu, he puts on a show for the crowd, flying from one keeper to another, untethered and outside a cage. He did go for a “holiday” for 3 days last year.






Blue Macaw

Blue Macaw sitting on a hand

Macaw flying

Macaw flying

I know that the birds of prey ion our local zoo tend to go on holidays as well, but generally return because hunting is too much work.


  1. says

    Looks suspiciously like a flying dinosaur.
    I’ve had some close encounters with them, and I always feel like they are planning to try to eat my face off. Maybe it’s because I had a conure try that, once. Luckily, it was just a bitty flying dinosaur, not one of the big face eating ones.

  2. busterggi says

    Um, is it safe for Manu to take a holiday when there are raptors around? I know he’s big but still…

  3. Nightjar says

    Nice flight shots. Manu is a beautiful and colorful dinosaur!

    Piu-Piu the cockatiel once went on a 3-day holiday as well, including an one night stay at the tallest eucalypt-hotel in the neighbourhood. I tried to explain to her that just because she found an eucalypt it didn’t mean she had found Australia, and that if she didn’t come down she would either starve to death or turn into a kite’s lunch. I don’t think she understood the concept, but she did land on my head eventually.

  4. says

    Oh gods. Ours never went on a “holiday”, but one day landed on top of the slightly opened window. When I came into the kitchen she was perched on top of it, leaned forward and looked at me from the outside. I slowly retreated, got her favourite snack and re-entered carefully.

  5. DavidinOz says

    Thanks for publishing. Minor correction -- I am in OZ, not NZ, although my email address suggests an NZ location because I lived there for 11 years, set up a web design and hosting company, and hope to become POTUS one day when FBI discovers my private email server.

    @6 All flightless birds have wings, they just don’t use them to fly in the air.

  6. says


    “Wednesday Wings”, eh? So no moas or penguins, then?

    They are more than welcome. I draw the line at “buffaloes”.

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