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    Todt zum Chorherren:
    Herr Chorpfaff habt ihr g’sungen vor,
    Viel süß Gesang in euwerm Chor:
    So mercken auff der Pfeiffen Schall,
    Verkündet euch deß Todes Fall.

    Death to the Canon:
    Mr. Canon, have you lead the singing;
    many sweet songs in your choir,
    then notice the sound of the fife.
    It announces to you the case of death.

    Der Chorherr:
    Ich sange alß ein Chorherr frey
    Von Stimmen manche Melodey,
    Deß Todes Pfeiff dönt dem unglych,
    Sie hat so sehr erschrecket mich.

    The Canon:
    I sang as a free canon
    many voices and melodies.
    Death’s fife sounds different;
    It has terrified me so much.

    Todt zum Waldbruder:
    Bruder komm du auß deiner Clauß,
    Halt still das liecht lösch ich dir auß,
    Drumb mach dich mit mir auff die Fahrt,
    Mtt deinem weissen langen Bart.

    Death to The Hermit:
    Brother, come out of your retreat,
    Stand still, I’ll relieve you of the lantern.
    Therefore, prepare yourself for the travel with me
    with your white, long beard.

    Der Waldbruder:
    Ich hab getragen lange Zeit
    Ein härin Kleyd, hilfft mich jetzt nit:
    Bin nicht sicher in meiner Clauß,
    Die Stund ist hie, mein G’bett ist auß.

    The Hermit.
    I have for a long time carried
    a hairy dress. It doesn’t help me now.
    I’m not safe in my retreat.
    The time is up, my prayer is finished.

  2. Nightjar says

    Thank you, Caine, I’ve been enjoying Dance Of Death a lot!

    Interesting how Death sometimes has hair too. Canon’s Death even appears to have eyebrows.

  3. says

    Yes, it’s not the first time Death has shown with an actual face. I wish I knew just whose faces they were, Holbein had to have someone in mind. Of course, they may have been widely recognizable at the time.

    I was a bit taken aback by the good quality of the hermit’s clothing. Clean and not in need of any type of repair.

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