It’s Universal Soldier!

Rick Wiles seems to have decided we have gone with Universal Soldier, for real or something like.

End Times broadcaster and right-wing conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles warned that the United States government has secretly created “soldiers without a soul” and has unleashed them in Syria, which is a sign that Jesus will soon return.

“Is it conceivable that we have bred soulless creatures, soldiers without a soul, with no remorse, no conscience, no fear—you can go in, you can cut a baby in half, you can cut out the hearts of Christians and eat them—there is no conscience, there’s no fear, there’s no fear of God?” Wiles asked. “Is that what we have created? Have we turned these monsters loose in Syria?”

Oh FFS. There’s no need to go for melodrama when it comes to war, or the travesties committed by people on all sides in any given war, at any time throughout history. It’s not as though soldiers aren’t already trained to kill without thought or hesitation. That’s what war is all about, killing. No one has a soul, so that’s of no import, and throughout the ages, it would be a “fear of god” which has motivated wars more than the opposite. People tend to be especially vicious when they think they are fighting for a fucking god.

“This is Hitler on steroids,” Wiles added. “The Americans have become worse than the Nazis.”

I don’t think we’re quite there yet, but the spectre of nuclear war is hanging over our heads once again. It certainly would be nice to see the U.S. military sit the fuck down for once though.

“It’s the end of humanity,” he said. “If these things get loose, it’s the end of humanity.”

These “things”? When you start to think of people as things, it’s the start of all evil. And there are no ‘universal’ soldiers, or engineered critters wandering around in a terminator style lust for killing. Just regular soldiers and all the usual players, all sides. Perhaps it would be more to the point to get governments to stop thinking of war as a game.  As for the end of humanity, we’re doing a fine job of that one all by ourselves, no gods needed.

Wiles went on to explain that when Jesus said that he would return when the world is as it was “in the days of Noah,” that was a reference to the Nephilim, which were a race of giants mentioned in the book of Genesis that were supposedly born as the offspring of fallen angels and human women. God was so displeased with this corruption that He had to wipe out the entire world with a flood and the same thing will soon happen again, Wiles warned.

Yeah, except it didn’t end, did it? Your dumbfuck god kept a fair amount of the corrupt people, and it started all over again, going by the fairytale. There’s genius for you.

“We’re at the days of Noah,” he said. “God is about to say, ‘Enough is enough, the human race has got to end.’”

No, we aren’t at the days of Noah, those days never actually happened. Anyroad, I fail to see what Mr. Wiles is moaning about. He starts out with Jesus coming back, which they are always yelling about, but never actually seem to want it to happen. So, is Jesus a comin’ back, or is Jehovah about to burn the world with fire? And what the fuck would a christian care, anyway? Aren’t you all supposed to be ever so eager to go live in paradise mansions with your gods? Aren’t you supposedly living this life for the afterlife, the only one which truly counts? I’d think you’d all be lining up to be a martyr, but it does rather seem you’re all very attached to this life.

RWW has the story.


  1. busterggi says

    Batshit crazy Christians hold the White House, Congress and most of the Supreme Court yet somehow they still claim to have no power and to be persecuted. Death-cultists can never be satisfied by less than the death of everyone.

  2. Nightjar says

    Oh they will never ever run out of things to worry about. Right now, over here, the Catholic church is very Worried and Upset and was sent into oh-noes-end-of-humanity mode because two laws were passed: one, allowing trans kids to change their legal name at 16 years of age, and another, clearly forbidding medically unnecessary surgeries on intersex babies. Clearly, this is nothing but an attack on “Christian values” and will bring about “unforeseen consequences”.

    I’m so fucking tired of them. But at least this time they did not get their way, so that’s cause for celebration.

  3. brucegee1962 says

    The thing that bugs me most about “end times” believing Christians is that their deity seems to be such a colossal failure. “Welp, folks, time to pack it in. I tried to teach you guys morality, but it never really took. Sure, you seemed to be making some progress with your experiments in ‘democracy’ and ‘justice’ and ‘improving the lives of the poor,’ but really, you should have realized all along that you never had much of a chance. My entire experiment on this planet has been an utter botch, and now I’ve come back to pull the plug.” And this screw-up is the guy who’s supposed to be worthy of worship?

  4. rq says

    As far as I know, the end of the world began (again?) sometime in the past week. I read about it the week before and got a bit worried, as I would prefer to be home when everything goes, not travelling.
    When will christians accept that we are in a permanent state of ‘end times’ and there is no use screaming about it?

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