Nazi Mind Control! Sabbatean Kabbalists! Druids!

Roman soldiers murdering druids and burning their groves on Anglesey, as described by Tacitus. Wiki.

Oh, so much batshit, so little time. Radical right-wing commentator and unhinged crackpot Sheila Zilinsky recently interviewed fellow conspiracy theorist Dr. Ted Broer on her “Weekend Vigilante” podcast, and things got a little…nuts.

After explaining how fluoridation is really a Nazi mind-control program, Broer warned that America has been “duped” by its corrupt and compromised elected representatives.

When I was growing up, fluoridation was a commie plot.

“They have been compromised because of impropriety with money—with wire transfers, with money transfers, et cetera—pedophilia, human sacrifice, satanic sacrifice, adultery, alcoholism, or drug use,” Broer said. “Over 50 percent of Congress—in my opinion, probably closer to 70 percent—has been compromised or is being controlled in one way or the other. Not all of them, but a large percentage of them.”

Let me guess: everyone except the so-called ‘freedom caucus’. Wow, some of those things on that list aren’t like the other things.

“They have basically given control of the government to the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about,” he continued. “They have, in turn, taken this military industrial complex and they have given it over to the CIA. The CIA has given it over to the Sabbatean Kabbalists … These are the Druids, these are the ones that were taught the ancient forms of worship by the fallen angels. These are the bad guys that run the planet and they, in turn, have given over their control to Lucifer to control the energy field around the planet.”

Uhhh, wow. That’s one hell of a mash-up. I think you need to pick your villain and stick with it. Too many villains in the soup, and really, it’s not fair play to blame people who are long dead and had a lot of stupid and nasty stories stuck on them.

“It’s all to control the thoughts and the minds of everybody on the planet,” Broer concluded.

FFS, once more – America is not the world, and we can all be thankful for that. I’d certainly like to know what’s controlling your mind, dude. Those are some serious drugs. I’m tempted to think these people are playing with Belladonna.

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