1. Ice Swimmer says

    Love the level of detail on the head.

    Blackbirds are gorgeous and the ones here are numerous and very careful to keep outside (phone) camera range and in relative shadows when photographed (I’ve tried*).

    Both American robins and European blackbirds are true thrushes, as we know, so it’s no wonder they’re quite similar looking.
    * = Maybe I should try photographing them in Rastaala or Rastaspuisto. The former is a residential area and latter a park (puisto) in northeastern Espoo. Rastas is thrush in Finnish. Not sure if there are actually thrushes in either place or if they’re less careful there.

  2. says

    They are both of the genus Turdus, i.e. true thrushes. Stripped to skelenon only they would probably be indistinguishable to anyone except maybe the most dedicated experts.

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