Word Wednesday.



Indicative of or occurring in the winter.

[Origin: Latin brumalis, from bruma winter (see brume).]


“More – he is curious. He twists the handle, the metal’s coldness leaping along his arm like ice energy released from a brumal host.” – Haunted, James Herbert.



Mist, fog.

Brumous, adjective.

[Origin: French, mist, winter from Old Occitan bruma, from Latin, winter solstice, winter; akin to Latin brevis short.]


“Roger peered forward; he could discern nothing in the torchlit brume.” – The Demon, Douglas Nicholas.


  1. StevoR says

    Heard of Vernal before (pertaining to spring) and autumnal (wonder of quite equivalent?) but not brumal -- something new learnt, thanks.

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