Glenn Beck’s Revolutionary Design.

Glenn Beck has an excruciatingly long facebook post about his revolutionary redesign of GB everything. By golly, no one has ever thought of this, in all of history, no sir. And no one has ever done this, either, nope! I get the feeling that Glenn doesn’t read much.

In between speeches, conversations in MA this weekend, I am working with the content and product team on last minute adjustments for THE BEGINNING of a new way to deliver news and information on

We are soft launching a new front page and a new approach to news Monday.


I want to get out of the “news and opinion” business and focus on “facts and perspective”.

News is breaking. Let others be first. I want to be driven by facts. I want us to be right and without the hype.

Facts are solid and must be our foundation if we are going to survive as a culture.

Opinion, is something that literally everyone has. Not all opinions are thought out, backed with facts, or even valid. In fact most are not. Some are just flat crazy and are dangerous.

Everybody knows that their opinion needs to be SHOUTED louder or more brutal if they are to be heard over all other opinions. “I am right and you will listen”.

Louder, meaner, crazier.

Perspective, on the other hand, is not something that everyone can offer. It is an invitation to look at an event from a new and unique way. “Have you looked at it from this angle?”

Opinions are shouted. Perspective is ‘offered’

An offer to engage in an intellectually honest and vigorous conversation based on the facts.


Perhaps it is subtle to most but not to me and I hope not to my team. It isn’t just word play. It is a different way to write, speak and behave. To succeed we can’t just say it, we have to live it every second of everyday.

We have been working hard all summer and have had to turn this thing 180 degrees in approach – there is no one modeling this so we all are hoping we get it, but it is going to take us a couple of months. (Thus, the soft launch.).

That’s just a bit of the post. As you can see, Glenn is just boggled that there is absolutely no modeling of this type of approach, not anywhere, ever. This whole perspective business, it’s completely new! A point of view isn’t at an opinion, no, and it’s not possible for anyone to shout their perspective, because it’s so darn different from those angry opinions! I hate to break it to you, Glenn, but everyone has perspective on everything, and it’s generally expressed a zillion times a day by a zillion peoples. I’d offer Glenn a dictionary, but I’m not sure he’d know how to use it.

The full revolutionary process is here.


  1. says

    I want to get out of the “news and opinion” business and focus on “facts and perspective”.

    Wait, he thinks “news” and “facts” are different?
    I think I see the problem! And “opinion” and “perspective” are not the same thing?

    I was inspired to make up a marketing campaign for him, just now. It’s a radical departure:
    New! More samer! Same shit, different day!

  2. blf says

    Wait, he thinks “news” and “facts” are different?

    They are, albeit very probably not in the sense he imagines. “News” is reporting what is known or understood at the time, which can turn out to be not always factual (as in accurate once the full story is known); good sources try to insure the reporting is plausible; the better sources also include unambiguous caveats and are based on independently verified reliable sources; and the best also includes additional analysis.

    I presume Beck thinks “facts” are whatever suits his biases of the moment, and “verification” — which is not important, probably, in his view — can be provided by conservapedia or similar stories in, say, the Mordor or Sinliar press (noting the Mordor press is known to use references to planted stories in other Mordor media as confirmation); and “opinions” are anything which deviates from his own “perspective”. Also, I suspect, “facts” are malleable in BeckWorld, including being dumped in a Memory Hole.

  3. busterggi says

    “I’d offer Glenn a dictionary, but I’m not sure he’d know how to use it.”

    Sure he does, you look up dirty words in it.

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