Fetuses for Ba’al!

The stele of Baal with Thunderbolt found in the ruins of Ugarit.

Mark “can’t be too lurid” Taylor, self-styled prophet, is at it again. How does this man manage to do anything like eat? He never shuts up. This time, it’s Baal (Ba’al). Well, Ba’al and people who believe in bodily autonomy and reproductive choice. On to the lurid idiocy!

After repeating his prophecy that God is going to supernaturally remove five Supreme Court justices so that President Trump can replace them and overturn Roe v. Wade, Taylor warned viewers not to be fooled by those who claim they support a woman’s right to choose.

“People have to realize the strongman over America is Baal,” he said. “Baal is a very violent entity, he is the second in Satan’s triune, he is the second in command, he is the counterfeit Christ. It feeds off the blood of the innocent, which is the aborted babies. This is why Baal is the strongman, because the aborted babies are the food source that is empowering Baal.”

Sigh. What a fucktonne of nonsense. In the first place, Ba’al is a placeholder, much like god, in this case, meaning Lord. The actual god was Hadad, a storm and weather god. Things changed over the years, and Ba’al became the name rather than the epithet. Ba’al is mentioned in the bible, more than once, as a rival god to young Yahweh/Jehovah. Ba’al’s worshipers got right up Jehovah’s nose, and he called for them all to be slaughtered, more than once. Ba’al never had anything to do with Lucifer, or his triune, whatever that might comprise. Lucifer wasn’t the convenient fall guy of Ba’al. Different gods, Mr. Taylor. Try reading something, like, oh, the bible. Now, Ba’al is a fertility god, with a particular enmity toward snakes, so I think if he was going to feast on blood, it would most likely be snakes or the local river god. Ba’al was also the patron of sailors and sea going merchants. Not such a bad god. He certainly didn’t hate his worshipers and everyone else like Jehovah. Oh yes, Ba’al’s conflict with Yammu is now generally regarded as the prototype of the vision recorded in the 7th chapter of the Biblical Book of Daniel. Yet another god the bible writers happily thieved.

I’m pretty sure that medical waste incinerators are not made in the form of Ba’al, with all medical personnel and people who are pro-choice suddenly Ba’al worshipers.

Taylor said that “if you’re listening to these politicians and they’re telling you, ‘Oh, we’re pro-choice, it’s all about a woman’s right to choose, it’s all about women’s health,’ you’re being duped, you’re being lied to.”

“They don’t care anything about you,” he said. “All they want from you, as a woman, is to be a breeder for that food source, for you to abort that baby to feed their god called Baal. They don’t care anything about your right to choose, they don’t care anything about your health, all they want is that baby aborted as a sacrifice because every time you abort a baby, it’s a sacrifice to their god called Baal.”

Oh. Apparently, Mr. Taylor does think we’re all worshipers of Ba’al. Well, there are worse gods, to be sure. Topping the list would be that psychopathic monster Mr. Taylor worships, who has a most serious problem with women, along with his followers. Terminating a pregnancy is about not breeding, Mr. Taylor. You want women to be forced to breed and birth, with nary a thought for any woman’s health or welfare, and we all know you couldn’t give a shit about the children, either.

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  1. johnson catman says

    WTF is it with the totally bat-shit crazy christians having so much influence on their religion? When I was in junior high school (early 1970s), there was a popular movement of kids becoming religious, but it was way different from the haters and idiots of today. That was about the time of Jesus Christ Superstar, so it kind of fit in with the popular music of the time. It wasn’t long after that that I started questioning religion altogether, but I wasn’t a target for hate. It really just did not make much difference to my peers. The crazier they get, though, the more people will walk/run away. That is a good thing!
    Back in my day . . . ;-P

  2. says

    I’ve been meaning to learn more about Baal and the other ancient Semitic deities. As for what Mark Taylor has said…wow. I don’t know how he’s coming up with this stuff.

  3. says


    I don’t know how he’s coming up with this stuff.

    Neither do I. He claims to get visions and messages direct from Jehovah, but y’know…whether that’s pure scam, or a brain going haywire or outstanding drugs, I don’t know. He’s the one who recently came up with the whole ‘Satanic frequency that can change your DNA’ business.

  4. brucegee1962 says

    I couple of years ago I did some research into the Phoenicians, of whom the Bible’s Philistines were an offshoot. My conclusion was that the Phoenicians were totally awesome. Not only did they pretty much invent the alphabet and navigation, but while everyone else around the Mediterranean was ramping up their military and seeking conquest, the Phoenicians along with Ba’al and their other gods were achieving wealth by trading with everybody.

  5. rietpluim says

    The image of Ba’al that Taylor is sketching, is quite Lovecraftian. Pretty cool actually. Though I wonder how abortion doctors send the fetuses’ little corpses to hell. Do they have pneumatic tube transport? And isn’t such a diet a bit unbalanced? Ba’al should have some lettuce or broccoli every now and then.

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