Word Wednesday.



1: a sharp cleavage: Disunion, Separation <the disjunction between theory and practice>.

2: a compound sentence in logic formed by joining two statements by or: a: inclusive disjunction b: exclusive disjunction.

[Origin: disjunccioun, from Old French disjunction (13c.) or directly from Latin disjunctionem “separation,” noun of action from past participle stem of disjungere.]


” ‘No, Omega, Ariane. She killed one of the guards.’ ‘Good Lord. When?’ ‘Ten months ago. Disjunction – followed by escape.’ ” – This Night’s Foul Work, Fred Vargas.


  1. says

    The French word for circuit-breaker is a “disjoncteur” -- I always loved the sound of that. Of course, I learned the word while looking for one, on a particularly suddenly dark night.

  2. Timberwoof says

    That is a lovely word, especially when I stick it through my French phoneme generateur, for it comes out as “dijonctör.” From now on the box in the garage that has the fat conduit, lots of small conduits, and lots of switches shall be known as the disjunctor box.

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