1. jimb says

    I was going to try to get some work done today, but instead I think I’ll just watch this over and over.

    Really, really fun to watch.

  2. says


    Which has absolutely nothing to do with the video. It’s quite fine if it isn’t to your taste, but your comment is both banal and pointless. I’ll thank you to save that crap for Pharyngula or other spaces. I don’t much like assholes here.

  3. says

    “Trump”? Huh? I have no idea whatsoever how to connect the dots from that video to jrkideau’s comment. Dude, maybe you should have posted that comment to whatever video you saw that actually did involve the Angry Cheeto, rather than posting it to a completely unrelated video.

  4. says


    I love that suit.

    Me too! It was perfect, not obscuring the dance moves at all, but enhancing them. Nothing but fringe, baby! :D

  5. says

    My first thought was, Why are they wearing a ghillie suit? But after seeing it in action, I’m not so sure that garment is one, even if it displays distinct signs of common ancestry. We live in a crazy world…

  6. rq says

    Hope it wasn’t a hot day!
    I do love the bottle-brush effect of the spins, they make me giggle while being awesome.
    This is like the guardian troll of Paris, it’s their kingdom and they know it (I live the rooftop scenes best, probably because I’ve stood on similar in the old town during the younger days… sans fringes, though).

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