The Sweet Rainbow Image, Violated, Raped!

Photo by Benson Kua.

A few days ago, I posted about Linda Harvey’s deranged rant over some rainbow french fries containers at a Washington DC McDonald’s. She’s at it again, apparently unable to let this whole rainbow business go. In yet another unhinged screed at WND, Ms. Harvey comes up with every possible epithet to hurl at those who don’t pay attention to her particular meaning when it comes to rainbows. The title of her screed is The cross beats the stolen rainbow, but for all that, Ms. Harvey seems to be unable to focus on the cross, her eyes constantly sliding back to the rainbow and all those horrible sexual anarchists. Perhaps if you indulge in a few days worth of porn, Ms. Harvey, you might be able to loosen your fascination with all those speedo-clad, gyrating bodies.

Take, for instance, the magnificent rainbow. Its celebration overtones convey simple joy, innocence and purity of heart.

But the sweet rainbow image has been violated, raped by the deluded and fraudulent, and it now serves too often as a garish signpost for slavery to grave homosexual sin.

No, the ‘sweet’ rainbow image (which fucking one?) has not been violated, and it most certainly has not been raped. I have little use for idiots who just love to use the word rape to try and add shock value to something minor. People who have been raped would be happy to explain the differences to you, I’m sure. So, a depiction has been used by people you don’t like. Got it. That’s not rape, Ms. Harvey. Now, a rainbow is a rainbow is a rainbow. There are only so many ways to depict one, and they’ve all pretty much been done. Rainbows haven’t gotten more garish when they are on the queer side of life. As you’re the one who insists that rainbows began with the psychopathic tantrum you call Jehovah, perhaps you should be questioning his taste.

Rainbows are a natural phenomenon, and as I pointed out earlier, people have no doubt been fascinated with them for always. Most people figure out early in life how easy it is to make a rainbow. Not a big deal. It is in no way fraudulent for people to use depictions of rainbows in any way they want.

It’s clear God did not intend for the rainbow to represent rebellion, iniquity and division.

The rainbow flag in the queer community does not represent rebellion, iniquity and division. It represents acceptance, community, unity, and love.

The mightiest logo of all time is the cross, where Christ shed His blood for the world’s sin and God transformed the tool of torturous execution – what Satan intended for destruction and permanent humiliation – into eternal hope for all who would believe in Jesus.

Oh, I don’t think a cross is the mightiest logo of all time, Ms. Harvey. At the moment, it’s not even strong enough for you to keep your eyes on it. How does Lucifer get into this? The whole moronic scheme of “oh, hey, I’ll have a kid, then kill it to fix all my fuck ups” was Jehovah’s idea. A stellar example of how a fucking idiot thinks, to be sure. Anyroad, without all that nonsense, the bad plot of christianity falls apart.

Atheists want crosses removed wherever visible, of course, believing they deserve veto power over what they ironically find offensive – God’s salvation offer to humankind.

It’s not a matter of offense, Ms. Harvey. It’s a matter of the government not supposedly favouring one religion over others. That’s part of that constitution you fucking fanatics claim to love so much.

Well, I’m offended by the rainbows hung all over Columbus, Ohio, every June for “pride” month, as this beautiful image morphs into a brand identity for perversion. I feel excluded because the depraved have taken the Lord’s glorious sign of hope and corrupted it. Why shouldn’t I sue?

The beautiful image doesn’t morph at all. It’s still a rainbow. Go ahead and sue, who the fuck cares?

As Christians, we have that option, of course, but believers in Jesus Christ don’t always go this route because we are more secure than that, knowing that in this life or the next, every person’s knee will bow before Him and every tongue will confess that He is Lord.

:Snort: Oh, oh my :falls over laughing: About the most insecure people on the planet are christians. Your whole bloody history is a monument to the constant insecurity over your idiotic beliefs. Your insecurity is why there is always a court case in the queue over christians whining about having to bake a fucking cake or some other nonsense. If you truly had faith, none of this would bother you in the slightest. You don’t have faith, however, which is why you always go the same old route: oppression.

Yet millions are being misled by this wicked movement, and it’s especially heartbreaking that so many are children and teens.

Many children and teens are LGBTQ, and many of them are ruthlessly rejected by family, and often mercilessly bullied. A sign of acceptance, community, and love is crucial for those children, and yet, you would deny them that. Christian love in action.

The rainbow stands as God’s covenant with all mankind – not just those who believe in Him now, because some of these flagrant sinners will repent, which is our constant prayer.

Yeah, that’s what a rainbow means to you. It’s not what it means to everyone else. Historically speaking, rainbows have stood for all manner of things, and once again, your Johnny-come-lately god is not the be all end all in the matter.  Besides, that so-called covenant makes you christians a bit crazy, doesn’t it? You never shut up about wanting the apocalypse to hit, when there’s gonna be a great smiting and slaughter, and blood flowing from all us awful unbelievers. You don’t want peace, christians never want peace, so yeah, I can see how the rainbow as a symbol of love gets under your skin.

Is Satan clever or what? He has countless people in this country doing his bidding, failing to understand they are preppers for the pit of hell.

Their Savior – if they would recognize Him – is the real author of the rainbow for His original life-affirming, godly purposes.

:eyeroll: Lucifer doesn’t exist, anymore than your idiotic Jehovah, or the sacrifice on legs, Jesus. Being a prepper is more of a christian thing, Ms. Harvey, more of that apocalyptic wishful thinking. I’m not a prepper of any kind. Jehovah is not the author of rainbows, or anything else. “life-affirming” purposes? Oh, please.

Its current misuse needs to end. Rainbows should accompany what God would smile on. God is not smiling on homosexual conduct, gender defiance or the corruption of children, and He never will.

Oh, yes of course, you know exactly what Jehovah would and wouldn’t smile upon! It’s so convenient, isn’t it, having a little god puppet that believes exactly as you do? Even if your nasty god was real, I wouldn’t give a shit about what he did or didn’t like. An ugly, evil being, and not one I’d want anything to do with.

An appropriate rainbow for the “LGBTQ” sin identity front would look very different, featuring colors like brown, puce, mauve, gray and black – lots and lots of black.

Right, because we all know black is bad. Very bad. Man, you are such a nasty person. Well, Ms. Harvey, I guess you haven’t heard about the new rainbow flag! I’m sure we can all look for yet another screed once you do find out.

Depressing, uninspiring, empty, leading nowhere. Satan’s banner.

Um, I’m not sure how puce and mauve got in your depressing, uninspiring flag, do you even know what those colours are, Ms. Harvey? As for brown, gray, and black, those are lovely colours, many people like them, and they can be made to be quite exciting, dramatic, and inspirational. You’re quite the idiot, Ms. Harvey. This would be a nice project for a fucktonne of artists, though! I might have to play with this at some point myself, when I’m not quite so backed up with work.

The rainbow’s current use by sexual anarchists turns hope into a license for sin. Rainbow-adorned clergy? You are in for some hot eternal times, unless repentance comes along soon.

No, no, you have that all wrong. As previously noted, the rainbow is a symbol of acceptance, community, unity, and love in the queer community. That’s just brimming with hope. What do you offer? A lifetime on your knees, polishing the knob of a psychopath so you won’t be eternally tortured. Yeah, I’ll stay on the queer side here, thanks. Oh, rainbow adorned clergy – yes, there are some christians who try to get it right, but until they unite to take assholes like you down, being rainbow clad is not enough.

Gyrating, Speedo-wearing sado-masochists on rainbow-decorated “pride” floats? Look out for what’s coming, unless you bow before the King of Kings.

:falls over laughing again: Oh honey, you walked right into that one. Now, I would like to know how you deduce sadomasochism from dancing in speedos. Well, maybe not. Your tortured reasoning would be painful, I’m sure.

McDonald’s selling French fries in rainbow containers, and Amazon peddling an array of rainbow “pride month” apparel? There will be an accounting, do not doubt this.

Yeah, yeah, what the fuck ever. That useless god of yours never comes through though, does he? So you end up reduced to ranting on the internet, like millions of others, your screed whipped into the ever active whirlpool of internet screeds, a meaningless howl into the pixelated void.

Via WND.


  1. says

    Take, for instance, the magnificent rainbow. Its celebration overtones convey simple joy, innocence and purity of heart.

    According to their mythology, wasn’t the rainbow the result of their god genociding the entire friggin’ world then being all, “Oh, I got a little out of hand. Here, I promise I won’t do that again”?

  2. johnson catman says

    Puny god. That he is unable or unwilling to clarify anything on his own instead of through the interpretations of idiots like Ms. Harvey speaks volumes. Besides, shouldn’t she be praising people for celebrating the way her god made them?

  3. says

    It’s clear God did not intend for the rainbow to represent rebellion, iniquity and division.

    And here I thought it was a property of light diffracting.

    But, actually, if you’re a goddist you would believe that the rainbow represented “I am done -- for now -- trying to eradicate you. Next time I’ll use fire.”

  4. says

    “Lucifer doesn’t exist”? Sure he does—in the same way that Sherlock Holmes, Lex Luthor, and any other fictional character exists. Not that such subtle nuances are anywhere near Mr. Harvey’s radar.

  5. rq says

    Apparently just using the rainbow colour scheme means you’re advertising Teh Ghey, as I discovered via a friend’s FB post, where a friend of hers said she couldn’t support the current branded mutilation of the Canadian flag (that is, this specifically event-oriented design) because it was blatantly propagating immorality and an offense to all those who have served under the Canadian flag.
    People see what they want to see, sadly.
    But personally, neither the cross nor the rainbow of christian lore are uplifting symbols to me, seeing as how they’re soaked in murder and genocide and coercion and false apologies.

  6. chigau (違う) says

    They screwed-up the number of points on the maple leaf.
    That was important, once upon a time…

  7. rq says

    Considering it’s more of a PR emblem than an actual substitute for the flag, I think it’s forgiveable -- also, it is composed of the requisite 13 shapes, so… pass?

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