Slapping Rainbows On Sin.

Earlier in the month, I had read about the christian wailing and gnashing of teeth over McDonald’s having the awful gall to serve up fries in a rainbow container for Pride month. As I understood it, it was done in just a few select stores, early in the month, so I was a bit baffled over the immediate cries of horror and persecution. It’s not as though McD’s was seriously going Pride, it was a small gesture. Ah, it was like I thought, the whole rainbow fries thing took place from June 9th to June 11th, in Washington DC. So, the whole thing is long over now, but Linda Harvey is having a fucking fit anyway, because, well why not? It’s not as though she has anything constructive to do.

“Haven’t we all had it up to here with companies promoting the homosexual and gender confusion agendas, as if they’re doing something wonderful?” Harvey asked in one of her recent radio commentaries. “They are doing something extremely harmful, especially when they have customers who are families and children by implying that these are valid and acceptable behaviors when they are not.”

No, I haven’t had it up to here. Not at all. I’m not in the least confused about gender either, mine or anyone else’s. A good many queer people are families with children, and I expect they were quite happy to see this little gesture. As for people like yourself, Ms. Harvey, well, christians never seem to have the slightest problem when it comes to lying, so tell your kids it’s a celebration of your god deciding not to slaughter everyone on the planet. There, everyone is happy.  I think we can leave the discussion of valid and acceptable behaviours on the table, because I don’t much care for your behaviour, Ms. Harvey, and it’s in no way acceptable to me. By the way, that psychopathic tantrum you call a god doesn’t exist.

Harvey said that Christians must engage in a nationwide boycott of McDonald’s because “all this bowing before homosexual shame month, which is what it should be called, and this theft of the rainbow is really disturbing.”

Oooh, can we have a heterosexual shame month for all the sourpuss assholes who hate sex, but can’t keep their noses out of everyone else’s pants? Oh, do fuck off with the whole ‘theft of the rainbow’ business. Shocking news here, Ms. Harvey: rainbows were around long before your god was a deranged gleam in a power hungry eye. Rainbows even featured in many a god story, all those gods being considerably older than yours, and those gods and their stories being the basis for the really shitty flood story in the bible. I imagine all people, all the way back, have been in awe of rainbows, because oooooh pretty. Rainbows figure in so very many stories, from gods to other magical beings because we are creatures of narrative, and we like pretty things. Anyroad, you don’t get dibs on the rainbow, Ms. Harvey, and neither does your Johnny-come-lately god. If you want to talk theft, you probably should be looking at that god monster of yours.

“When everyone around us, “she said, “is slapping rainbows on sin, we need to remember God’s big picture” and send a message by boycotting “badly behaving corporations.”

I’ll slap a rainbow on whatthefuckever I want, Ms. Harvey. I’d like to slap one over your mouth. I will also happily support most rainbow slapping, it’s a good thing. Jehovah’s big picture was slaughtering everyone on the planet. I’ll pass, thanks. As for sin, that’s one of the most evil fictions ever invented.

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  1. johnson catman says

    As I have said many times regarding Ms. Harvey and her ilk (particularly Franklin Graham), I wish these christians would boycott all the “badly behaving corporations”. As a matter of fact, here is the list you can use to boycott: . PLEASE stop using ALL the products and services of the companies that believe in equality. You can move to a fucking cave and live like the christians of 2000 years ago. And thereby stop bothering people in fucking 2017 with your bronze age beliefs.

  2. busterggi says

    Ms. Harvey I hate to tell you this but when I get fries I don’t care what color(s) the container is, I care about getting enough salt & catsup. Damned unChristian of me I suppose.

  3. Dunc says

    Damn, this puts me in a quandary… I’ve been boycotting McDonalds for years (decades, actually) because of their shitty labour practices, their environmental impact, and their lousy “food”, but I’d hate to find myself in the same side as these assholes, even by coincidence.

  4. says

    I think it’s perfectly okay to ignore McD’s and not avail yourself of their services. I haven’t been to one since I was a child and had a bad pickle experience.

  5. says

    The fact that they feel the need to boycott them over colourful packaging instead of their lousy food is telling. What a bunch of sad sacks.

  6. jimb says

    Caine @ 4:

    bad pickle experience

    Great punk band name.

    (Sorry, couldn’t help myself :-))

  7. says

    Now, usually I’d worry about the commodification and commercialisation of Pride, but at least it’s rubbing the right kind of people the wrong kind of way. Which is actually a sign of hope, because they wouldn’t risk their business because of LGBTQ people (though I’m also sure they knew exactly where to sell these and where not)


    I haven’t been to one since I was a child and had a bad pickle experience.

    My parents suffer from a bad case of unreflected anti-Americanism (me, I have well thought out and evidence based anti-Americanism), so fast food was of the non-existing devil when I was a kid.
    Of course, when I became a teen I went to McD to taste the forbidden fruit, which subsequently led me to believe that my parents were right.
    Now that I know better I love myself a well grilled hamburger with actual cheese and stuff.

  8. bryanfeir says

    Things like rainbow fry boxes always get one of my favourite lines from The Goon Show stuck in my head:

    It was the least I could do. A quantity I specialize in.

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