More Color, More Pride.

There’s a new Pride flag in the wind. If the people behind the MoreColorMorePride site had bothered to make their video shareable, I wouldn’t have had to go to youtube searching for it, and would have missed all the people who are extremely upset by this inclusive move. The upset isn’t surprising, but the bigotry and pained ‘reasoning’ employed, well, I’ll just say I expected better of queer folk. I’m not sure why I expect better, being bi and having dealt with all the nasty views in that regard over the years. I guess I remain more hopeful when it comes to queer folk.

I think it’s a fine idea, an in your face reminder that inclusiveness matters, and a rather gentle reminder to always check your privilege.  You can see and read more here, and download the art to make your own stuff.


  1. says

    Hmm. I might quibble about where the new colors have been slotted into the order. But hell, you could quibble about any order of colors, and it’s definitely not the sort of question for which there’s an Objectively Right answer, so… [shrug]

    Apart from nitpicky quibbling? Seems like a good move to me. About time.

  2. says

    On a purely aesthetic basis, I probably would have placed the black on top, above the red, because red and black, and placed the brown in between the red and orange. But, it’s a small thing.

  3. kestrel says

    I love it but sadly I am not surprised to hear some people oppose this. My feeling is, hey, we’re all people. Let’s focus on how to be inclusive. Yeah, a surprising amount of people want to do stuff in order to EXCLUDE others.

    To show how petty this is, when I first moved here there were two fiber arts guilds and they sincerely hated each other. So I joined and tried to talk them into being more inclusive of others. At one meeting a member said to me, in a deadly tone of voice, “But what if QUILTERS join?!!1!!!” as though quilters were the epitome of evil. All I could think was, But you’re getting more dues… and more participation… and getting more people interested… and therefore making more sales…. how is that a bad thing? Of course everyone voted against my idea because heavens, you can’t have QUILTERS joining! The sky would fall!!! ***rolls eyes***

  4. says


    “But what if QUILTERS join?!!1!!!”

    I guess that leaves me out. I don’t, I uh, I just don’t grok that sort of shit, which is one of the reasons I’m not very social. In regard to the flag, I didn’t bother to skim much of the “controversy”, but one I saw was “Black is a sexuality now?” and the stupidity of that burned a hole in my brain. Yeah, like yellow is a sexuality. Or green. Or purple. and so on. That sort of thing didn’t bother anyone until it’s about being more inclusive.

  5. says

    Electronic nerd’s colour list! The order of colours shown is that of the resistor marking code, each line in order denoting the numerals 0 to 7. The two lines left off are grey and white, numerals 8 and 9. Won’t someone think of the zombies? Oh and as an afterthought, the whites.

  6. says


    Electronic nerd’s colour list! The order of colours shown is that of the resistor marking code, each line in order denoting the numerals 0 to 7.

    That’s very cool!

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