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    I see Giliell had a luck with Chaffinch Frignilla coelebs. I have yet to see those here, but I heard them already. The most common central european bird, but not easy to see.

    The architecture is beautifull, shame, really, that whenever I was in Kaiserslautern it was only during business trip and late evening for dinner after work.

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    I would be glad to, but the odds are not high, I do not go on many business trips. My rationale is that I am more valuable to the company doing tests than traveling, but the real reason is I hate travel and try to avoid business trips as a plague. I never sleep well in a hotel.
    So mostly colleagues from Enkenbach-Alsenborn come to me, not vice versa.
    Plus I might be forced to change employer after ten years, because our company has been sold previous year again, and this time around again to an american company. So after the one-year “quarantine” in Germany expires, the new owner is expected to trim the company with a hacksaw. I personally speculate that the demand for an honest, outspoken and professional lab technician will be non-existent, because tests will be expected to pass (read “faked”) on first go and they will be outsourced (read “faked”) and not done internally because it is cheaper and faster (read “they will be faked”).

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    The flowers in the first come in a bang of light blue from the bark mulch.

    The second is a fun capture and may take a viewer slightly off-balance.

    The common chaffinch is the most populous bird here and it’s peippo (finch) in Finnish. Still, I don’t remember having seen one in the wild, which is slightly embarrassing.

    Love the roofs. What are the shingles made of, some ceramic, brick-like material (I’d think tarred wooden shingles would be illegal in towns and cities due to fire safety reasons)?

  4. rq says

    Chaffinch is žubīte here, also a fairly common (though not popular) girls’ name -- several birdnames, actually, zīle (tit! -> though zīle fortunately does not have that homonymous association as in English).
    I really like that architectural style. Actually, anything more than a concrete box makes looking up worth it while going for a walk -- and sometimes even those concrete boxes can surprise you.

  5. rq says

    Sorry for the disjointed comment. a) Chaffinch is also a common bird here, as well as a girls’ name and b) zīle is another example of a birdname being a humanname, too. Ugh.
    I still have work to do.

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    The crocuses are my front yard, not KL.
    Caffinch is “Buchfink” in German because they like beeches “Buchen” and Fink isn’t a first but a last name. Thinking about it, the only bird related first name I know in German is Falk (Falke) = falc(on), but there are some last names.
    And there’s of course “Spatz/Spätzchen” as an affectionate name.

    The roofs are made of slate

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