Go Fuck Yourself, Maher.


Bill Maher is now taking credit for the downfall of Milo Yiannopoulos. Yep. Having him on HBO, playing nice and whispering sweet talk at those pearls, that led to the current state of affairs. Had nothing at all to do with the video of Yiannopoulos talking about sex with underage kids, oh no, even though that is the line crossed, according to CPAC and Simon & Schuster. Supposedly, the resignation from Breitbart was all Milo’s idea, but there’s good reason to be skeptical over that one. The one thing which is absolutely certain? Bill Maher had absolutely nothing to do with it. Go fuck yourself, you bloated bag of shit.

Full story here. For an outstanding look from the inside, read this article.


  1. samihawkins says

    When he said that transgender people have a “psychiatric disorder,” do you just move on from that?

    Move on? It dominated the entire [online] segment. The other guests attacked him. When I say, “That’s not unreasonable” [to not want to share a bathroom with a transgender person] it’s because women have said that to me: “I want to know,” or “I’m not comfortable with someone in the bathroom, even if they, in their minds, have decided they are a woman.” Doesn’t that opinion count at all?

    Go fuck yourself Bill. Your “I’m totally not a bigot, I’m just saying those bigots have perfectly valid points and I’m gonna give them a public platform on my show where I nod along in agreement” shctick is utterly transparent.

  2. says

    Gods, that interview with Maher is the worst.


    Could he even inspire a borderline person to do something violent? I guess so. But nothing is free in life.

    How much of a privileged callous asshole do you have to be to be OK with violence happening to an innocent person because you want views on your show?

    I don’t think he frankly knows what he’s going to say half the time, or knows what his philosophy is. But to see him as this monster is a little crazy.

    Sure, he incites violence against vulnerable people, and he probably raped children or at least witnessed it and did nothing, but really, let’s not hold him accountable.

  3. says

    Not only chummy, but agreed with him about transgender people being a danger in public lavs!

    At that time I commented on Pharyngula that asa woman with children I need protection from people like Milo. Little did I know how right I was in a horrifying way…

  4. says

    Milo would represent a danger, to any and all people in a public lav, same as all the other hateful bigots, don’t see legislation on that.

  5. Saad says

    Aaaand, here’s a clip of Maher defending a 35-year old woman having sex with a 14-year old boy, saying she’s in jail because “she’s in love”. Calls it unorthodox and simply not conforming to what society believes to be the perfect American family. Also throws in the dudebro gem of “how can a woman rape a man?!?”

  6. AlexanderZ says

    Maher is also into child rape, transphobia and rape culture? Color me unsurprised. The difference between him (and a host of white atheist dudebros like him) and Milo and Trump is mostly cosmetical at best. I truly despise these times -- it’s like all the vilest human slime has oozed from under their rocks and took over.

  7. says

    Damion Reinhardt:

    I thought Milo was talking about his experiences *as* an underaged kid.

    He did. He made a joke about not giving such good head if it weren’t for Father so and so. That’s not all he talked about, however. He also talked about how he didn’t think it was a bad thing for adults to have sex with very young teens, if I remember right, 13 and up. Don’t quote me on it, but I’m not altogether sure it all came from one podcast.

    Having been raped as a child myself, I don’t have a great deal of tolerance for listening to such crap.

  8. says

    I thought Milo was talking about his experiences *as* an underaged kid.

    Both. It’S a youtube hangout or something with several dudes. He first swoons about how good and beneficial it is for boys of 13 and 14 to be fucked by grown adults and when somebody says “that sounds like the catholic church!” he laughs and says something like “oh yes, I would never be able to give such good head without Father soandso”.
    The discussion clearly doesn’t start with his personal story. He makes a general point and only mentions his experience when somebody else mentions the RCC.

  9. Ogvorbis: A bear of very little brains. says


    One of the paragraphs in your link:

    On Tuesday night, InfoWars’ Alex Jones posted a video called, “Milo Is A Victim Of Sexual Abuse, Does Not Promote Pedophilia.” Jones went on at length detailing that Yiannopoulos’ thinking was scrambled by his molestation as a young teen and that Stockholm syndrome turned him gay and made him sympathetic to abusers.

    Turned him gay and made him sympathetic to his abusers? This shit gets old.

  10. says

    Oh gods. Yeah, I try to avoid Jones’s shit like it was the black plague. It’s worse than old, spreading that shit, it’s wrong, harmful and ought to be criminal.

  11. Ogvorbis: A bear of very little brains. says

    Yeah. And people wonder why children don’t come forward and tell people what is happening. Or, as adults, are cowards who won’t even open up to a spouse. Like me. The pernicious meme that children who are abused, children who are raped, are damaged goods, are dangerous, just helps the rapists and abusers hide their shit even deeper.

    Yeah, I told one person and got hammered. And I still feel guilty that I didn’t keep telling until someone listened. But I knew I’d be blamed, I knew this only happened to girls, I don’t think I could have articulated it at that point but I knew I was damaged goods, that I was garbage, trash. So I didn’t tell anyone again.

    And I still wonder how many more suffered by my silence?

  12. says


    And I still wonder how many more suffered by my silence?

    I have that on me too. An instance of me avoiding being raped when I was around 9/10 years old. I had been raped for so many years at that point, I knew exactly what was going on, and I saw all the little tricks he had…but I never said anything to anyone. He was in his late 20s, maybe 30, and that haunts me so. I hope to fuck he’s dead now, but might not be, and he had decades to prey on kids. Got a lot of fucking blood and pain on my hands.

  13. says

    You know, I think many of us have these moments, these memories.
    I remember the guy who followed me into the carpark, who had closed the distance more and more. I made it to the car first.
    I told a friend. Her reaction: How could you park there? You must not park there!
    That was the one and only person I ever told in meatspace. Do I know if he stalked other women? If he got one of them? No idea. I didn’t go to the police, I wouldn’t even recommend it. None of us is responsible for the actions of rapists.

  14. says

    No, we aren’t. It doesn’t stop the godawful weight of guilt and shame, though. This has been a long buried memory, pops up now and then with utter viciousness. I’ve been reading Bessel van der Kolk’s The Body Keeps the Score, and trying to find the courage to remember everything, and all that goes with that. I, I can’t just yet. Fucking 59 years old, and…

    Well, one positive -- I’ve been impressed by van der Kolk’s openness about just how fucked up the field of psychiatry is, especially when it comes to trauma victims. What he says and does makes a lot of sense, but right now, I can’t face the pain.

  15. Ogvorbis: A bear of very little brains. says


    I knew exactly what was going on, and I saw all the little tricks he had…but I never said anything to anyone. He was in his late 20s, maybe 30, and that haunts me so.

    Oh, shit. Caine, it is not your fault.

    And this is still my big stumbling block. I can say to you, Caine, or you, Giliell, that you not saying anything, not telling someone, does not mean that you have even one scintilla of responsibility for what that rapist did in the future, and I really mean it. I feel it.

    But when it comes to me, well, yeah, but . . .

    It’s still my fault.


  16. Crimson Clupeidae says

    On the plus side, Larry Wilmore was brilliant on that panel. And the national security guy, I forget his name, but he was also quite lucid and just deconstructed milo and maher.

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