1. Ice Swimmer says

    From the first two, I gather that living in a mountainous area has its own advantages as well. The second picture has a great “feel” to it.

    The ice crystal on the edges of the leaves as well as the needle-like formations in the fourth are wonderful catches.

  2. says

    Ice Swimmer
    I wouldn’t call it “mountainous”, but that probably depends on what you’re used to. The first two are actually the same pic, taken seconds apart only that I used a “fade to blue” filter in the second one. I love playing with filters…

    We had some weird weather with dense fog and sub zero temperatures which allowed for the ice to form that way and build up over a couple of days.

  3. rq says

    I like the apple. When we had our first snow, there were a few trees around that hadn’t been picked at all, still full of bright red-orange fruit but no leaves, under a blanket of snow -- beautiful! This is like that, but a lot lonelier. )

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