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    It will get even worse when (if) the weather gets warmer, because the snow will soak up moisture like a sponge before it melts. Whenever there is this much snow, I have to go outside and dust it off of my bonsai trees before it soaks up water and gets heavy.

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    Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to get this snow off my Juniper. I got some of it off the other day, and ended up completely soaking wet in freezing weather, and fell down more than once, and just bloody sank into the snow. It was quite a chore digging myself out.

  3. rq says

    That is one old juniper. If they’re anything as slow-growing there as they are here, that’s a pretty fantastically aged tree! Bonus: they’re quite pliant and resilient ( “bendy”, in official terms ;) ), so it should be fine.

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