1. stellatree says

    Is the turkey clan still visiting you, Caine, or did you just get tons of pictures? I am pleasantly envious you’ve made such distinguished friends. :-)

  2. says

    They are still here. I’m happy to have them, as long as they stay. They do the rounds of the town, but they always come back. :D

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    A picture a about moving with a purpose.

    A Hollywood movie or a video insert in news program could have pictures like this one; three beings on their way to do something. In the latter case, a reporter with a microphone would enter the picture, asking for a statement from politicians or trade union and employers’ organization leaders, getting just a tense “No comments”.

  4. chigau (違う) says

    What do they eat?
    If they spend the winter,
    will your neighbours refrain from eating them for Thanxgiving and Xmas?

  5. ledasmom says

    Last winter three toms were hanging out on route 9 in Worcester. They used to follow me around. Their heads turn such amazing colors when they’re excited. I called my husband once so he could hear how loud they were, and their noise woke up the cat. They would display for me and strut around with their heads going bright red and white.
    Their feet are huge, very Age of the Dinosaurs. I do not know if they are the heaviest bird we get around here, but they are certainly the largest we see close-up.

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