1. johnson catman says

    I know I keep asking you questions about this, but I am curious. Is your work just done on the top layer and you will attach it to the rest after it is finished, or is the quilting already done and you are working with all layers? Not sure if I am phrasing it to make sense.

  2. blf says

    Rattises bouncing on trampoline: Lots.
    Forty-foot high killer rats bouncing on trampoline: Probably not many, they leave behind big footprints.
    Forty-foot high killer rats squishing the artiste: Frequently.

  3. says

    Johnson catman @ 2:

    Ask all the questions you like! I’m working on top only right now, which is two layers of fabric (cotton muslin). Once it’s done, I’ll layer the batting (double thick all cotton), and start the quilting. After that’s done, then I’ll put the back layers together, and sew the whole thing. The sewing is done by hand, too.

  4. rq says

    Thanks for the update, this is gorgeous work! Also, your patience and persistence are admirable. :) (As are your skills and artistry, naturally.)

  5. johnson catman says

    Caine @4:
    Thanks for the info. I have never seen a quilt being made. In the church I attended as a child, the women’s group had a “quilting bee” (I think that is what they called it), but I did not check out the work in progress.

    Have you made quilts prior to this one?

  6. says

    Johnson catman @ 7:

    Have you made quilts prior to this one?

    Yes. But I don’t do the traditional squares, or bits of fabric all put together. I embroider instead. The Dragon Quilt is finished, and when I’m bored to death with the Tree Quilt, I go back to working on the Peace Quilt.

  7. johnson catman says

    OH MY! I like that tentacle pillow! That is so cool! Thanks rq for prompting me to look at that.

  8. blf says

    I don’t do the traditional squares, or bits of fabric all put together. I embroider instead.

    Ah! That explains what’s been puzzling me. I can distinctly remember my mom, and also grandma, making quilts, but as far as I can recall they were squares-/bits-of-frabric. So I was sort-of wondering if “quilt” was the proper term, for either what I can now recall or what is being done in the OP. I hadn’t occurred to me they could be yet other styles(?) of quilting…

    They also used frames, but I cannot recall if that was for any of the quilts per se, or something else. My recollection of the frames is they did indeed look like good mouse trampolines, but I’m fairly certain we never let the mice even try

    (Essentially my knowledge of “sewing” is clean the clothes before handling them to the tailor…)

  9. says

    Blf @ 12:

    There are all kinds of quilting, hand and machine. Mine would most likely fall under the term ‘art quilt’, but there are a wide variety of those, too.

  10. Rob says

    I’m really enjoying these posts Caine. Amidst all the unpleasantness in the world it’s lovely seeing something creative.

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