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The National Center for Transgender Equality is part of Fairness USA, a partnership that includes the Freedom for All Americans Education Fund, the Movement Advancement Project, the Equality Federation, the Equality Ohio Education Fund, and the National Center for Lesbian Rights. Today we are launching a major public education campaign — the first of its kind — to raise awareness of the need for protections for transgender people across the United States.

The centerpiece of the campaign is an ad that will be aired during the Republican National Convention. The ad depicts mistreatment and harassment that many transgender people across the country have faced and continue to face when they need to use the restroom.

Newly released survey data from NCTE shows that 59 percent of transgender people have avoided bathrooms in the last year because they were afraid of problems like being confronted by others. A shocking one in 10 (12 percent of) transgender people report they have been harassed, attacked, or sexually assaulted in a bathroom in the last year, and one-third of transgender people have avoided drinking or eating so that they did not need to use the restroom. In the majority of states, restaurant and store managers can legally stop transgender people from using bathrooms that match the gender they live as every day — or kick them out of their restaurant or store just for being transgender.

This is appalling, but we are no longer fighting this battle alone. Much like the state-by-state marriage equality battles, we have seen that when people get to know their LGBT colleagues, neighbors, and friends for who they are, their opposition weakens and their support grows. Today, as more transgender men and women step forward to tell their stories, and parents advocate for their transgender or questioning children, negative attitudes are challenged and hearts and minds open up. In truth, we’re a mishmash community like everyone else — some of us are raising children, most of us are regular working folks, and some of us are serving in the military.

Those who support us see us for who we are – people. And in the same way that they’ve opened their hearts and minds, so too have voters across the country. Just last month, Quinnipiac University released findings from three swing states in the presidential race — Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania — showing that support for transgender people is on the rise.

I think that’s a great ad, and it shows all people what we need to do – to view and treat all people as people. When we see someone’s rights being blocked, we need to step in and stand up.

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  1. johnson catman says

    I saw the ad featured on another blog. I am not sure how much of an effect it will have on the people watching the RNC, but it is good to get the exposure.

  2. says

    It may well have more of an effect than you think. I’ve posted a few times about face time. Being face to face with a transgender person, via video or in person has been shown to change peoples’ minds, even when they are conservative.

  3. rq says

    I saw this ad earlier today, and I was impressed with the by-stander role in it -- I thought that the ad, aside from demonstrating the sheer amount of harrassment and abuse transgender people are at risk for in public settings, is a great encouragement and demonstration to those of us who would be by-standers in such situations to put our best foot forward and stand up for the rights of our fellow human beings.

  4. Siobhan says

    to view and treat all people as people.

    I’ll file that under “things that probably shouldn’t have to be taught but do, apparently.”

  5. says


    I’ll file that under “things that probably shouldn’t have to be taught but do, apparently.”

    Yeah. I wish to hell it wasn’t that way, but people have to be taken by the hand and taught.

  6. chigau (違う) says

    just because of the “related” link, I saw this again
    the top screen-shot of the woman on the left
    is the very best image of “WTF Dude?”

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