The Cowardly KKK on Trans Rights.


In the town of Lithia Springs, Georgia, the KKK decided to take a stance on Trans rights. They executed this oh so brave act by littering random houses in a quiet suburb with these fliers. Fliers which state “These freaks are jeopardizing the safety of bathrooms all across the nation“. Sweet of them to be so terribly concerned about the safety of public lavs all over the nation. I had no idea they were under threat. Perhaps there’s a secret mildew attack brewing or something. Oh, wait, there’s something tacked on about women and children. Ah, this is only concerned with the safety of womens’ and childrens’ lavs. (Again, kids have their own?) As for that “Our women and children“, I offer every single one of you moronic, bigoted assholes a profound Fuck You. Women do not belong to you, or anyone else. Children certainly do not belong to you, or anyone else. They are people, not possessions.

Apparently, this is their idea of a recruiting poster, hoping they’ll get all kinds of new moronic, bigoted assholes to sign up, after all, the safety of America’s bathrooms are at stake! In a display of utterly brilliant planning, they simply littered their little recruitment ads at random, with absolutely no thought as to where they might land, and only about a dozen (that are known about) were littered. Not the greatest effort.

“I wanted it on record, in case something happens to my children,” said Tenisha Bell. Bell immediately called the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office as soon as she read the flyer left on her front lawn. “I couldn’t believe this hatred, this racism left in my front yard,” she said.

The flier is from the KKK. News reports show the same flier was left in neighborhoods in Alabama and Mississippi in recent weeks.


“My ancestors were hung from trees,” she said. “This is not acceptable. This hurts. Just like they have problems with transgender, I have problems with the KKK.”

Full story here.


  1. Saad says

    Lithia Springs is about a 15 minute drive for me. In fact, I go through there often on my way to the city.

    What a horrible disgrace.

  2. says


    Lithia Springs is about a 15 minute drive for me. In fact, I go through there often on my way to the city.

    Oh no. That can’t be a nice feeling at all. In the article, the cops said they can’t do anything. Of course.

  3. rq says

    So funny, how often, when it comes to progressive matters like standing up against racism and transphobia, the cops can’t do anything. So funny how that works out…
    Funny how unsurprised I am at the piles of bigoted shit coming out of the KKK.

    Hope you stay safe, Saad, hope you keep well!

  4. Saad says

    Thanks, rq. Luckily, the closest encounter with Southern Hospitality I’ve had is my brother and I being stared at intensely at a wing place.

    Oh, and I’m about 30 minutes from this restaurant:

    Image 1

    Image 2

    Image 3

    Image 4

    Image 5

    It seems to do good business.

  5. says


    Oh, and I’m about 30 minutes from this restaurant

    Well, that’s…special. Interesting that there’s zero sense of irony, this coming from a place called Mulligan’s.

  6. johnson catman says

    Saad@4: Images 1-5
    Damn, that is some pure bigotry on display. I live in NC, but in a progressive urban area. I haven’t seen anything like that displayed around me. I am sure that there are areas in the state where those images would be right at home though.

    Regarding the “staring”, was that just a one-off incident, or has it happened more than once?

  7. says

    It’d be fun to go after their liquor license. They’ve got to license in Cobb County and with Georgia (first) -- apparently renewals are virtually automatic. But Georgia has a lot -- and I mean a LOT -- of laws regarding drinking from bottles and whether that is going on, or drinking in parking lots, etc. Violations can result in denial of a renewal request. I’d guess that hiring an off-duty cop to sit there and document violations and report every single one to state and the local liquor board… It’s a knife to the jugular for any drinking establishment; they are so fucking stupid they probably haven’t even considered that as a threat axis.

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