Absolutely. Terrifying.


The newly described dinosaur Zhenyuanlong suni measured 5 feet in length and was a relative of the velociraptor. The fossil’s well-preserved wings bore complex feathers, not simple hairlike structures. Illustration by Zhao Chuang.

Click image for full size. I don’t know about you, but if something like that was chasing me…godsdamn. Feathers, much more terrifying than scales, hands down.

They Had Feathers: Is the World Ready to See Dinosaurs as They Really Were?  (Via Pharyngula.)


  1. blf says

    “Pfffft!”, says the mildly deranged penguin. “Squawked a lot, but was afraid of the shadows. A Jurassic trum-prat, lots of bluster and noise, but with no sense nor taste. Best served by throwing into a lava pit and then buggering off to find some cheese.”

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