1. johnson catman says

    We have a lot of black-capped chickadees visiting our bird feeders (a.k.a. squirrel feeders), along with a good variety of other birds. It is very calming to watch them flit to and from the feeders for us and exciting for our indoor kitties. The younger cat sits on the back of the couch at the window, peeking through the blinds where she has ripped the edges off, making herself a peephole. She is in full stalking mode, but I am not so sure she would be successful if outside since her tail is constantly whipping back and forth. She has bonked her head on the glass numerous times jumping at birds flying to or from the feeders. She is less than two years old, so she still has lots of energy to burn off.

    Did not mean to sidetrack! Great photos!

  2. Kengi says

    The chickadees seem to eat the largest variety of food of any of our birds. Everyone else tends to concentrate on a favorite food, but these little birds actually seem to thrive on variety.

  3. says

    Johnson catman:

    Yes, I love watching chickadees too, and listening to them. We have a pretty large population on property.


    Ours tend to concentrate on black oil sunseeds, with occasional forays into the mixed stuff. What they really like is when they find a tasty bug in the food.

  4. Kengi says

    I suppose ours like the peanuts most of all, as do most of our birds (and mammals). Yeah, they do like their bugs as well. When the temperature goes up and the orange (put out for our orioles) starts attracting bugs they will feast on them as well.

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    Nice catches. From top to bottom: “Yeah?”, “Ok!”, “This one” and “Mmmh”

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