Tennessee: Not Giving Up


Tennessee’s Anti-LGBT Bathroom Bill Is Dead. For Now.

Tennessee Rep. Susan Lynn has pulled her sponsored “Bathroom Bill,” which would require all public schools, including universities, to require students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender at birth. The controversial bill is strikingly similar to the much-protested North Carolina HB2, and to Georgia’s recently repealed HB 757.

Rep. Lynn said her decision wasn’t impacted by corporations, businesses, and LGBT advocacy groups protesting the measure, but instead because the discriminatory practices of the bill might lose Tennessee $1.2 billion of Title IX funding, a source of funding that forbids any discrimination based on sex.


During her April 18 press conference, Rep. Lynn said she had only intended to ensure protection: “We just did want to protect children at the state level.” But at that time, two transgender students—Jennifer Guents and Henry Seaton—were headed to Gov. Haslam’s office with more than 67,000 signatures opposing the legislation.

Although she’s pulled the bill from consideration, Rep. Lynn hinted at plans to revive the legislation in the future.

No, Rep. Lynn, your legislation had nothing to do with protecting children, and am I ever sick to death of the sanctimonious “for the children” excuse. If nothing else, have the honesty (we all know you have no integrity) to tell the truth: it’s all about your bigotry and your personal ick factor. Of course, you’re going to try and revive your bigotry law later on, nothing is more important that appeasing the bigot crowd, right? I have a better idea, Rep. Lynn – why don’t you visit the 21st century for a while?


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    At the risk of being a broken record, again four questions I’ve asked the anti-trans bigots elsewhere, and a new one:

    1) How are heterosexual trans women a “threat” in women’s bathrooms when they are attracted to men?

    2) How are heterosexual trans men a “threat” in men’s bathrooms when they are attracted to women?

    3) How are transgender lesbians a “threat” while cisgender lesbians aren’t?

    4) How are transgender gay men a “threat” while cisgender gay men aren’t?

    5) If any non-conforming, non-cis and non-hetero person makes the rightwing fanatics say “ick”, why aren’t they advocating single-user and non-gender toilets that prevent there ever being a problem?

    Needless to say, the fanatics have no intention of ever acknowledging such questions, never mind answering them. Why solve problems easily when you can create problems with contorted and convoluted arguments?

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    Needless to say, the fanatics have no intention of ever acknowledging such questions, never mind answering them.

    No, they don’t, and honestly, they wouldn’t be able to answer them, because it would expose them for what they are: irrational bigots. That does not mean we get to stop asking. Unfortunately, we all have to keep asking until they fade away and leave the rest of us to move on into a better, accepting society.

  3. blf says

    Well, you see, a transgender male or transgender female is a threat because, because, um, ah, because, AH! I knows! It’s because, well, you see, everyone is either a straight cisgender male xian, or straight cisgender female xian. There are no other humans. Well, except for the slaves and other threatening masses of subhumans, but those don’t count. They are the ones harming our unvaccinated home-skooled childrens.

    (The snark about “home schooling” does not apply to all so-educated individuals, I am fully aware it can be a viable part of education.)

  4. cicely says

    Problem is, the voter-base Rep. Lynn is courting is not living in the 21st century.

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