1. rq says

    Well, I have a collection of these for you! The peonies, I mean -- although I may have a lacewing somewhere, too. Peonies were another flower type where I was so used to seeing the same two colourings (the pale pink and the more magenta) that I was shocked to realize it had far, far more variety. Early June, is peony time.

    I especially like the contrasting bright green and bright magenta in the first photo, Everything stands out so well!

  2. says

    There’s a wide variety of peonies, too! Double ruffled, triple ruffled, all that. Ours were in place when we bought the house, so I don’t know what kind they are. My favourites are the white ones.

    Find your photos and send them to me! I’ll take all the fleurs I can get.

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