Updated: Phobos-Grunt reentering upper atmosphere

Update 12:10 AM CDT: nothing official but it seems to have reentered and crashed into Pacific Ocean a few mins ago. Click image above for latest info.

Follow the latest events on Twitter using the hashtag #PhobosGrunt and follow @PHG_Reentry.

The ill-fated Phobos-Grunt mission, which would have returned samples from the tiny Martian satellite Phobos, will plunge into the stratosphere later today and become a spectacular meteor. Debris from the 15 ton spacecraft, which is carying more than 10 tons of toxic rocket fuel, is expected to strike the earth, although where exactly that happens is still literally up in the air: [Read more…]

Now Showing: Mittens of Romney vs. Newton of Gingrich in The Bainwreck

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up on the latest comedy stylings of the GOP traveling clown-car show. Latest update in pure text — I’m working without links here folks! The pro Mittens but absolutely-not-coordinated with Romney SuperPAC laid down a beating on Gingrich in New Hampshire by pointing out what lying, cheating sack of shit he is, and now a pro Newt but completely-unconnected to Gingrich SuperPAC is returning the favor by pointing out that Romney is a spoiled corporate maggot who went from rich to filthy chomping its way through the corpse of the middle class. Rick Perry joined in the feeding frenzy on Willard at least temporarily, but his true appetite for rotting flesh remains to be seen. [Read more…]

The Hubble time machine vs young earth pastors

What can a young earther say? In stark irony to the poll of evangelical pastors “almost evenly split” on whether the earth, and presumably the universe, are a few thousand years old, the Hubble looks more than 13 billion years back in time and snapped the spectacular shot above. Those points and blobs are the first known generation of stars and galaxies to shine in an infant universe. [Read more…]

Must see: This is Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ

Does Tebow help or hurt Christianity? He obviously hurt the Steelers, hurry! See, when I was a kid, the Steelers’ traumatized my football childhood: I was a Cowboy’s fan. The more I hated the Steelers the more they delivered; Bradshaw under pressure, Lynn Swann snatches a tipped pass, the immaculate reception, you name it. So if Tebow’s miraculous pass brought the Steelers down, I’m OK with that. And if a God helped, then at least for now, that God-eh’s OK with me, too. Which brings us to the Jimmy Fallon-as-David-Bowie & Ziggy Stardust clip below the fold, a must see for theists and atheists alike. [Read more…]