Must see: This is Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ

Does Tebow help or hurt Christianity? He obviously hurt the Steelers, hurry! See, when I was a kid, the Steelers’ traumatized my football childhood: I was a Cowboy’s fan. The more I hated the Steelers the more they delivered; Bradshaw under pressure, Lynn Swann snatches a tipped pass, the immaculate reception, you name it. So if Tebow’s miraculous pass brought the Steelers down, I’m OK with that. And if a God helped, then at least for now, that God-eh’s OK with me, too. Which brings us to the Jimmy Fallon-as-David-Bowie & Ziggy Stardust clip below the fold, a must see for theists and atheists alike.


  1. jerthebarbarian says

    Sure he made the Steelers cry, and that’s awesome. But he’s helping the Broncos and that’s terrible. Just terrible.

    It’s actually proof to me that there is no God. Because if there were a God he’d hate the Broncos just like me. Therefore there is no God.

    (What? It’s the same argument that theists use for why God must hate gay people. And I even have a biblical quote to back it up – Joshua 11:6. Sure it involves God’s hatred of “horses” not “The Broncos” but you can’t expect God to speak clearly to ancient people. He had to say things in ways that they would write down so that 3000 years later we could translate it into English and understand His True Intent. And he clearly hates the Broncos.)

  2. Zugswang says

    I’m a Steelers fan married to a Cowboys fan, and we both wanted to see Denver lose. The difference is that my wife wanted to see the Steelers lose to New England.

    Denver won because of a stellar defense, Pittsburgh having only one uninjured running back not from the practice squad, an injured Rothlisberger throwing three picks, and (aside from Polamalu) a secondary that has trouble defending deep passes. So all you really have to do is lob the deep ball towards whoever Willie Gay happens to be covering, and as long as the ball is not behind your receiver, you’ve got a good chance at a completion.

    I knew this was a likely outcome because all of Denver’s wins against stronger opponents have come because of injuries to integral players on the opponents’ side. I guess god was injuring them so that Tebow could get a lot of undeserved hype. Or maybe god just likes Brady more, because he was healthy when the Patriots destroyed Denver.

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