Young earther Ken Ham warns space exploration could lead us to alien Hell



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Why do I blog, why do I pursue this poor paying guaranteed starvation diet profession? Because of people like Ken Ham! Lovable young earth creationist and cartoon come to life Ken Ham, of Creationist Museum fame. This week Ham is worried about wasting money on the space program because that will lead us astray and possibly straight to space hell:

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MN Republican cites bizarre science ideas

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Creationists swarm Dr Pepper ad

Hell hath no fury like anti-science numbskulls. Dr Pepper had the audacity to put up an image riffing on the famous ape to man chart that adorned our biology classrooms back in the 60s and 70s, and they were quickly swarmed by know-nothing-bots. But then our side, the good guys, counter attacked! Now the battle rages on! Serve your cause, join the Facebook fray, selected comments and links below: [Read more…]