Lets All Go to the Lobby: Huntsman goes out swinging

Jon Huntsman, former governor of Utah and Mitt Romney political look-alike, has officially dropped out of the Republican race for Preznit. At least he went out swinging, racking up an impressive 17% of the primary vote in New Hampshire last week, after barely cracking one percent in polls over the past 12 months. Does this change anything? Does Mittens of Bainwreck have any concerns that without Huntsman to absorb his admirable share of anti-science, anti-Mormon hatred from the conservative base it could be refocused on the heretic? Or will it help somehow; in the old 2008 way of saying it cynically, is this Great News for Mitt Romney?

(WaPo) — Before news of Huntsman’s decision broke, Romney’s other rivals wrestled with the likelihood that they’ll split the vote of South Carolina’s social conservatives. “I think the only way that a Massachusetts moderate can get through South Carolina is if the vote is split,” said Newt Gingrich, portraying himself as the lone conservative with a “realistic chance” of beating Romney in the first-in-the-South contest.


  1. StevoR says

    Huntsmans done – and Romney’s (virtually) won.

    Neither exactly unsurprising.

    The big question remaining for me for teh 2012 US Presidential election is who will Romney pick as his running mate?

    Of course the real winner of the 2012 Republican nomination race is …

    … drum roll …

    .. Barack Obama!

  2. StevoR says

    Come to think of it Obama has probably had it won since the Republican 2012 field was announced really.

    Romney, Bachmann, Perry, Santorum, Gingrich – this is the best the Republicans can come up with? Yeesh.

    Romney reminds this outside observer of US politics of John Kerry in quite a few ways. Also bland and uninspiring, also a reputations a flip-flopper on many issues. Will probably meet much the same fate.

    Huntsman was the best of a bad bunch in my view but never really stood a chance of winning because of his relative sanity.

    If this was a movie, I’d go to the lobby about now alright – and then leave the theatre altogether.

  3. jamessweet says

    I’m pretty sure Romney can beat Obama, as long as the economy keeps flagging, I’m afraid. He’s squeaky clean, very little to attack except for stuff that people who would even consider voting Republican don’t care about and/or understand anyway.

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