Happy summer godless pagans!


Just a few minutes ago, at 12:04 AM my time, the sun did an ominous thing: it stopped getting higher in the sky of the northern hemisphere! Oh noes, we northerners better start the rituals to coax it back one day right away. That’s the start of summer and the end of the longest day. Or for our friends down under, winter has begun and your sun will start moving higher in the sky. Which means your rituals are working. For anyone who is out dancing wildly and casting spells at either end of the earth, don’t forget to enjoy the super moonlight this weekend.

Hollow rocks

A strange phenomenon is underway in the south Pacific off the coast of New Zealand. Rocks, lots and lots of rocks, but they’re floating! Could this be the end of the world, are the four horsemen saddling up to reap our divine souls? No, there’s a less dramatic, but nevertheless fascinating explanation: [Read more…]