Let’s all go to the lobby: Santorum sweeps Alabama & Mississippi!

Big upset and the GOP clown car is back on nationwide tour: Rick Santorum soundly beat Mitt Romney in the Alabama and Mississippi GOP primaries, worse, Romney may come in third in both states hitting the presumed front-runner where it hurts. He’s still the odds on favorite and this is why, the aproximate delegate totals before tonight via Daily Kos: [Read more…]

What’s in store tonite: Super-duper Tuesday and the fictional Presidents

March 6, 2012, a day that will live in infamy. Super Tuesday, so named because a 10 states have their primaries all at once. Once again, Mittens of Romney can purportedly put this thing away and claim head the title of clown in the dwindling GOP clown car. To do that he needs to win Ohio decisively and at least one southern state. Polling wrap up with links here.

Tennessee is one big possibility for the latter. But Mittens has come under fire for the usual Mittens shenanigans of documented lies and brazen flip-flopping: [Read more…]

Let’s all go to the lobby: Santorum sweeps!

Rick Santorum, famed detractor of evolutionary biology and gaff prone with bestial similes (Thus giving rise to his cryptic nickname, Man-on-dog Santorum) swept to victory last night in both the Republican MN and CO caucuses and the Missouri primary. The latter is non-binding, the actual number of delegates Santorum will receive from last night won’t be enough to put him in the lead for nominee. But because of last night’s victories Rick Santorum has now won more states than the purported front-runner, Mitt Romney. [Read more…]

Let’s all go to the lobby: Primary and cauci

Results: CNN (CO, MO, MN) | Google (CO, MO, MN) (Sign up here to have the Daily Kos Elections Digest emailed to you every weekday morning). As of 11:00 PM CDT Santorum is projected to win Minnesota (MN) and Missouri (MO) big, as in HUGE, only Colorado (CO) remains. This means Santorum has now won as many states as Romney, and we are looking at a possible Santorum sweep tonight potentially giving him a one state edge. It’s starting to look like it doesn’t matter who wins CO, significant PR damage to Romney has been done.

In MO it’s Romney 25% Santorum 54% Gingrich 0% Paul 12%
In MN it’s  Romney 16% Santorum 46% Gingrich 11% Paul 26% 
In CO its’s Romney 29% Santorum 42% Gingrich 16% Paul 13% ..  17% reporting [Read more…]

Very poor performance by Romney

I understand what poor Mittens was referring to when he said in part — and quoted in isolation– “I’m not concerned about the very poor.” Nevertheless you’d think a serious candidate would never let those words cross their lips in that order no matter what. Even Limbaugh found the gaffe hard to comprehend:

(CBS) — Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh noticed, as well. “Everyone knows what he was trying to say,” Limbaugh observed, “but he didn’t say it. He makes himself a target with this stuff. He comes across at the prototypical rich Republican. … It’s gonna make it harder and harder and harder to go after Obama.” Romney’s comments also gave an opening for his Republican opponents to attack.