Want To Scare Some Republican Donors?

Just start talking about how the IRS needs to look into using AI to review every single tax return, fairly, evenly, dispassionately, against an expert system that encodes current tax law and a knowledge of popular techniques for tax fraud, and that the AI will flag and rank questionable returns, which will be reviewed in rank order. [See also: Mano Singham]

Midjourney AI and mjr: “the rich people freaking out when they read that the IRS is supplementing its auditors with AIs”

And if you want to really see the poop hit the variable oscillator, propose that since the intelligence community already has everyone’s banking transactions (did you know that? PATRIOT Act contains anti- money laundering provisions “in order to stop terrorist funding”) the AIs will be able to compare expenditures and deposits against reported income and expenses. Argue that there is no disclosure problem, since no human is getting access to that information.*

If you want to make the terror complete, the press release regarding the proposal should mention that the same AI that is being trained as a robot auditor is the one that can crush every human chess master that has ever lived, never forgets, and knows everything about every citizen down to the diameter of their butthole.

Since I don’t cheat on my taxes, and have written some pretty big checks in to the system, I wouldn’t actually mind seeing this. It’s a great opportunity for some start-up to put together a prototype.

[*That is a trick NSA already used in its warrantless surveillance program: they defined data being private as “data that no human looks at.” So it’s OK if KEYTEXTSCORE accesses your data since nobody is looking at it, it’s still private, see? If the AI auditor isn’t human, your financial information is also still private. Somehow I think Clarence Thomas would not buy this reasoning all of a sudden.]

[** Inverting the training set of the AI would also make a great robo-cheat]

Also-ran image:

Midjourney AI and mjr: “the robotic IRS audior is fast, perfect, and beautiful, in the style of JC Leyendecker”


  1. Jazzlet says

    Yup, sounds like a great idea, just add in taxing all income including that from investments.

    I love RoboAuditor.

  2. dangerousbeans says

    This is actually quite a reasonable use of machine learning
    Build the tax cheat program at the same time, to help identify new cheating methods

  3. rrutis1 says

    I really like this idea!

    I believe that one of the basic reasons that gov’t information systems (that are not NSA/defense related) are so out of date is not just that they are expensive to update but that no one really wants to see gov’t efficiency improve. Especially the republicans, because that is one of thier stumps.

    Also, the databases exist like Marcus said, couldn’t we do the same thing with Excel? ;-)

  4. says

    Wait, the rich guy has four fingers and a thumb on each hand, each in the proper orientation and each with the appropriate size/shape. This can’t be AI…

    (Alright, some of those fingers might be a tad long, but it’s possible.)

  5. says

    Midjourney 5.1 has really fixed hands.
    That’s one weird feature of this stuff: the software changes behind your back without warning.

  6. dangerousbeans says

    At least here in Australia keeping public sector systems shit also creates an opportunity for private consulting firms. just another way to transfer public wealth to rich fucks

  7. says

    At least here in Australia keeping public sector systems shit also creates an opportunity for private consulting firms. just another way to transfer public wealth to rich fucks

    That’s the republican “small government” strategy in a nutshell: cripple all the public services, then say “they don’t work” and replace them with privatized services paid to their donors.

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