Lock Him Up

Vote suppression is a violation of the 15th Amendment. But in today’s ritualized super-charged environment of lies, some must pretend that it’s not, because otherwise it’d be pretty obvious what they were doing.

The Democrats are ineffective and the party contains relatively few actual progressives. They’re at war with the gerontocrats in the party and they will probably have to wait their turn until a few of the older members die. Meanwhile the Republicans will be making sure that nobody’s vote matters, except rich white guys’. What’s depressing about this is how he can’t resist bragging about it:

Why is an Attorney General having such a huge influence on electoral process? Because, he can.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are tussling with the fake Democrats that have positioned themselves within the party. I used to wonder why the various parties didn’t do that: have semi-undercover operatives on the other side, prepared to deep six a threatening legislative agenda as a last resort. It’s an obvious strategy; the bastards have probably been playing tricks like that for decades and letting it all fly below the popular radar screen.

Why isn’t this “election fraud”? Why isn’t there a prosecution? If it were the Republicans, they’d have no trouble ginning up an investigation, perhaps headed by the irrepressable Trey Gowdy. It could go on forever; it’d be the gift that keeps on giving.

The Democrats crawled into control of Congress by the skin of their teeth (or should I say: by Black Women’s electoral strength in Georgia) yet they’re squandering the power that the people gave them, in order to ratchet up the defense budget, and fail conspicuously at the progressive parts of policy while tussling over the big-dollar contributors’ favorites.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    … why the various parties didn’t do that: have semi-undercover operatives on the other side…

    C’mon, US political parties don’t do that!

    The organizations and fat-cat funders behind US political parties do that.

  2. says

    Reginald Selkirk@#2:
    I am shocked; shocked I say…
    ANOM: Hundreds arrested in massive global crime sting using messaging app

    Because warrantless wiretaps just aren’t enough, anymore.

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