What Ugly Garbage

My spam-box announced “Collectible Trump Silver Coin.”

They even sculpted that weird fold in his neck-wattle. And look how they spelled “America.”

You can get them on Ebay for $37.[ebay] I bet the silver’s adulterated, or I’d buy a few and melt them down with copper to make some shibuichi for a habaki.


  1. says

    And look how they spelled “America.”

    That just means they’re all super-rare misprints. Quick, buy as many as you can!*

    * For entertainment purposes only. LykeX or their subsidiaries cannot be held liable for financial or other loss as a result of following this advice.

  2. says

    I imagine the designer likes to think that’s a “sneer of cold command” or something. Me, I just think it looks like he’s trying to pass a particularly troublesome and impacted stool. Which, given his reported dietary preferences, is not at all unlikely.

  3. Dunc says

    Have a look at their other items… Hard to say where they are politically. For example, is this satire? I can’t tell for sure.

    They do seem to be solidly pro-weed, and they’ve got all the “fiat money” / goldbug tells, but that’s as much as I can get. This reads anarchist to me, but this is standard issue nationalist authoritarian. I guess they’re trying to hit all the bases in their target market.

  4. Dunc says

    Actually, looking at the last 3 images on my first link, I’m definitely going with “satire” now.

  5. bmiller says

    Awesome! You have saved me some shopping time….this is a perfect birthday present for my raving (Soros…Soros…Antifa…Antifa) little brother!

  6. says

    There are several of these around. There were the same thing out for #44, #43, etc. Buy Maple Leafs or othe more widely known silver if you’re lookin for a hedge against SHTF

  7. says

    What Ugly Garbage. . . I’d buy a few

    When I make beautiful art, I often have trouble selling it—majority of people aren’t rich and cannot afford to buy artworks. Maybe I should change my business model—instead of making beautiful things, I should make ugly garbage, and then people would buy it much more readily. /sarcasm tag

    Seriously though, I really don’t get this. If you needed silver for a habaki, you could just get some silver casting grain from any store selling supplies for jewelers. This way you’d pay a lot less money for the same amount of silver. Why even consider buying something that you perceive as ugly garbage?

    It’s not like I never waste money. I routinely buy toys that, strictly speaking, I don’t really need. Just yesterday I got a box with a new digital camera worth € 2500 that I didn’t even need. I sure wanted it, though. When I buy toys for myself, I at least make sure that I really want that thing that I’m wasting my money on.

    I know that my spending habits are influenced by the fact that I grew up in a pretty poor household (thus I try not to waste money too much). Is it really normal for people who are well off to buy stuff they don’t even like?

  8. cvoinescu says

    The certificate in the last image on eBay shows that the name of this abomination is “Trump Merica 2018”, so the misspelling is intentional. Which alters the vector but not the magnitude of the WTFness of it.

  9. komarov says

    I’m no artist or critic, but the eyes are a fair attempt at “deep pits of nothingness”, given the medium. Either that or something very angry tried to claw them out. I’m not sure what to make of the nose though. Is it broken or what is that weird outgrowth on the ridge? It’s a bit low for a furrowed brow of a “thoughtful leader” – stretching artistic license a bit – and there’s nothing else furrowing with it.

    P.S.: Given the subject it should be entirely acceptable if this “silver coin” were actually made of tin.

  10. Raucous Indignation says

    Couldn’t even been bother to put in the apostrophe. If they knew what that was.