Grace Horne’s covered in The Guardian [guard] – she makes knives. And corsets. And scissors. I first encountered her and her work on the knifemaker’s podcast [kt]; she sounds like a fun person.

“I want to fondle your art” is my reaction.

I am now curious as to how scissors are made. I assume that they’re cut and ground like pretty much every other blade; a milling machine would be a game-changer, but they must have been made using other processes in days gone by. They’re probably made in pieces and then forge-welded together with an oxy torch, is my guess.

In the interview she talked about how small her shop is – it’s a converted public bathroom.

I’ve been doing stuff with vintage wrought iron lately, and I’m in love with the stuff. So, apparently, is she.

Her website is here. [Grace Horne]


  1. kestrel says

    Oh my aren’t these absolutely stunning… I could just look at them all day. I love the shot of her in her shop (which is incredibly neat and organized). What a great space for creating!

  2. says

    In the interview with her, she mentioned that there are many different kinds of scissors and she’s had to figure out her own take on all of them.

    She’s also delightfully proud of the Sheffield tradition, as she should be. Sometimes tradition can be a heavy weight around your ankle but she doesn’t seem to roll that way.

  3. jazzlet says

    What she says about most people just having scissors not having particular scissors for particular job is so true. One of the things I got into heated arguments about with people was the use of some of my scissors in ways that they were not meant to be used; as my final shot was misuse them again and you buy me a new pair, they cost £!?!! I always won. I lust after all of them, but I think particularly the shears, they are gorgeous, yet completely practical.

    I know just where her workshop is too, though it wasn’t a part of Sheffield I frequented often.

  4. jazzlet says

    Thanks Marcus, I’ve just spent over an hour completely immersed in her site, truly lovely.