The libs who cried wolf: a cautionary tail

Unreasonable libs: “Wolf!”

Reasonable centrist: “Yeah, you’re right. He’s definitely a wolf. But he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet. Give it time”


“Yeah, you’re right. He’s definitely a wolf, but he ran on being an outsider and disclosing code-word intelligence to the Russians and hiring a literal, actual foreign agent as National Security Advisor, well, that’s pretty outsider-stuff. No insider would do that. But it’s still the first 100 days, give him a chance to become presidential.”


“Yeah, you’re right. He’s definitely a wolf. And it is bad for the country and bad for democracy when he calls innocent people traitors, labels the press “enemies of the people” and makes himself synonymous with the country and, by extension, his personal interests synonymous with the country’s interests. But he told us he’s not the usual politician, so he’s just being true to his nature. No need to get worked up.”


“Yeah, you’re right. He’s definitely a wolf. He’s racked up a history of dishonesty unparalleled in US political history. But with that canine brain I don’t think he even actually understands that he’s lying. He just says he’s grandma to get a better chance to eat you, or because his wolf-nature doesn’t understand normal human communication and social reality. We can’t hold that against him, can we? It’s not like he’s maliciously lying.”


“Yeah, you’re right. He’s definitely a wolf. He’s definitely abused his office and committed offenses that are surely comparable to those that sparked Nixon’s impeachment, but I got to tell you, you never learned the lesson of that story, ‘The boy who cried wolf’ did you? We would have been able to remove him from office if you hadn’t gone and sacrificed your credibility crying ‘Wolf!’ repeatedly for three years.”




  1. voyager says

    Well said, Crip Dyke,
    The boy who cried wolf is one of my favourite cautionary tales, and it certainly applies here. The Democrats have little to no credibility left at this point, and they seem unable to find a common platform or a decent candidate that isn’t part of the same cabal of wealthy billionaires that support Trump.
    The impeachment came years too late and probably won’t happen. Corruption will be normalized as a part of presidential U.S. politics and every president in the future will benefit from the precedents set by Trump – if Trump concedes power, that is.

  2. Naglfar says

    Do we have a protocol for if Trump loses the election and refuses to concede? Or is he just free to make himself president for life then?

    Oh, and he was a wolf the whole time.

  3. says

    I guess the one advantage of old farts for president is that we can run out the clock and watch them die.

    Champagne and crackers at my place when that bastard’s rotten heart pops.

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