Interview with Jackson Wheat

Jackson Wheat has a YouTube channel where he posts videos about evolution, interviews, and occasionally debates with creationists. He interviewed me last night.

I haven’t watched it, since I cringe to hear my own voice. I hope I didn’t ramble on too long.


  1. guy says

    my name is guy and sorry for my english. i have an interesting argument about the existence of god: say that we will see a self replicating robot ( lets say even with dna) on a far planet. do we need to conclude design or a natural process in this case? remember that according to evolution if its made from organic components and have a self replicating system we need to conclude a natural process because it has living traits. but we know that even a self replicating robot is evidence for design. therefore a penguin for instance need design too

    :as for the problems with evolution you may interested in this

    hav a nice day


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