More coverage of the Tetrabaena genome

Tetrabaena socialis

Tetrabaena socialis. Image by Hisayoshi Nozaki and Yoko Arakaki.

I reported last week on the publication of the Tetrabaena socialis nuclear genome by Jonathan Featherston and colleagues. Several other sources have reported on their work as well. The press release from University of Witwatersrand was reprinted by EurekalertBrinkwireArchaeology News Network, and others. Shorter versions are at Worldwide NewsThe Everyday News, and Times Higher Education. The story has also been reported in Spanish, Russian, Czech, Vietnamese, and, of course, Afrikaans.

I’m sure there are lots more that I’ve missed, but most are reprints or translations of the Wits press release. If anyone knows of original reporting on this that I’ve missed, please let me know in the comments or by email.


  1. Jonathan Featherston says

    Hey Matt

    Yeah and I’ve received so many insults from lab mates…. You mention something like how the UPP was very well studied in relation to cancer and you find a newspaper heading like “Algae hold clue to cancer”. The jokes never stop…. The best article was actually in the dutch new scientist. They actually focused on multicellularity and listened when I responded with things like “many more investigations required etc”….


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