Einstein in Snow

Einstein in snow at Georgia Tech. Sculpture by Robert Berks.

This is one of those days I’m glad I walk to work. Actually, every day is one of those days when I listen to the morning traffic report on WABE. It is really coming down, with maybe 3 cm accumulated on the grass and starting to stick on the road. Campus is officially closed, and eastbound traffic is backed up at least as far as Cherry Emerson.


  1. Onamission5 says

    Ack, Georgians do not know how to deal with the icy white stuff at all!

    But um, neither do Carolinians, not even the mountain folks, so I don’t mock, I sympathize. We got the call that schools were closed today around 6:30 AM when forecast still called for 1-3 inches. Just went out to measure a few minutes ago, there’s easily 7 inches on the front porch, with more on the way.

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