AbSciCon talks available


Many of the talks from AbSciCon 2015, including some that I’ve written about here, are now available on NASA’s website. You’ll need Adobe Connect to watch the talks, but they are only 15 minutes (including Q&A).

From day 1, we have Cristian Solari, the hero of the day, filling in for a cancelled talk on short notice; Zach Adam describing some truly ancient eukaryotic fossils from Montana; Laura Landweber on crazy ciliate genomes and their implications for genome origins; Margie Kinnersley talking about an experimental model of mitochondriogenesis; my talk on experimental evolution of multicellularity in ChlamydomonasRick Michod and Zach Grochau-Wright recounting their work on the evolution of multicellularity and cellular differentiation in the volvocine algae; Will Ratcliff and his students Jennifer Pentz and Peter Conlin updating the snowflake yeast saga; and theoretical work by Eric Libby on the evolution of multicellular life cycles.

From day 2, the plenary session by Nicholas Hud and Rachel Whitaker addressed the transition from prebiotic chemistry to cellular life. The talks from Betul Kacar and Rika Anderson’s session “Chance and necessity: from molecules and viruses to cells and populations I” are unfortunately not available.

The only talks I wrote about from days 3 and 4 that are available are those from the Mars habitability session: Kevin ZahnlePaul Mahaffy, and Caroline Freissinet.

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