“I can’t go two paragraphs without contradicting myself”

But apparently that’s the sole qualification for writing at LifeSiteNews.

Hey, you know what we haven’t done in a while? Tuned in to some bonafide Catholic hysterics occurring in the Province of Alberta. Behold the beauty that is LifeSiteNews’ totally unbiased coverage (or don’t, you might want to save your brain cells).

EDMONTON, Alberta, April 18, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – A Christian political action group and a parents group are responding to the controversy over a pro-life group comparing the Holocaust to abortion by accusing the New Democratic government of promoting unscientific and dangerous gender ideology.

Basically: Steve Weatherbe, the intrepid reporter on this scoop, is freely and literally admitting that the only thing Conservatives can do when presented with criticism is change the topic rather than defend their actions.

Off to a good start.

When Education Minister David Eggen leaked to the press his objections to the comparison made in a Red Deer Catholic high school by the local pro-life group, sex-education advocate Cristina Stasia called for an investigation of what “third party” groups are teaching students about sex and abortion. The Calgary Sexual Health Centre and the Compass Centre for Sexual Wellness joined her in calling for an investigation into third party content, but they were referring to social conservative groups.


Fact: Eggen gave an ordinary press release, which is not a “leak” as Weatherbe claims. Maybe he’s jealous his prestigious rag journal was not included?

Fact: Cristina Stasie specifically called for “evidence-based education” and never explicitly mentioned “social conservative groups.” Weatherbe has voluntarily filled in the blanks with his pet causes. Perhaps an unintentional, if hilarious, confession that they are not informed by evidence.

Now social conservative groups are echoing their call for an investigation.

How is this relevant? Who the fuck knows! I’ll take “changing the topic” for 500 please.

But the concern of the Association for Reformed Political Action and the parents group Informed Albertans are the groups on the Left. They believe the Alberta Teachers Federation, the Calgary Sexual Health Centre, and the Institute for Minority Sexual Studies want to destroy students’ belief in “binary” genders — male and female.

I think by high school is an appropriate time to plainly state that human biodiversity cannot be sorted into an on/off switch.

However, they warn that the New Democratic government itself is the most blatant promoter of  the “radical ideology” of gender theory. “The sad truth is that Alberta’s Ministry of Education is the party most guilty of promoting propaganda in provincial schools,” ARPACanada Executive Director Mark Penninga said.

The degree of psychological projection is downright amusing. Facts are propaganda, and lies are education.

Last month, Informed Albertans exposed the government-funded Alberta GSA Network, a website intended to help students who joined Gay Straight Alliance clubs deal with their homosexual or transgender identities. But IA founder Theresa Ng discovered links on the site to other locations selling bondage gear, describing different sexual positions, and advising on how to perform oral sex.

Is that an admission that Parents for Choice in Education spends all their free time obsessively combing over gay materials?

“I want answers,” Ng told LifeSiteNews. “I want to know what the minister of education is going to do about the organization (Institute for Sexual Minority Studies) responsible for the site.” The links disappeared the day after IA’s expose. However, Ng complained, that the government never apologized.

(The “expose” was a blog post. Ng also delighted EPS with a police complaint. Yes, about gay porn on the internet.)

Moreover, she complained, “They have allowed ISMS to continue to make school presentations under the name FyreFly, when they’ve clearly proved themselves incompetent by offering sexually graphic material to K-12 children.”

Using the same web browser that has Google? Yeah, those sex-deprived kids aren’t looking at porn at all. Nope.

Ng also cited the Calgary Sexual Health Centre, which is telling students, “There is no such thing as men and women.”

This is wholly unsubstantiated and in bad need of a citation. I have been able to locate no such statement from the Calgary Sexual Health Centre, only from Ng claiming the CSHC said this.

The Alberta Teachers Federation has prepared similar material for the schools describing the two-gender model as “overly simplistic, often wrong and harmful.”

If the shoe fits…

ARPA’s Penninga said Eggen’s concern over the pro-life group’s comparison of the holocaust to abortion was “clearly hypocritical” given the concern of hundreds if not thousands of Alberta parents “about how the Minister of Education has been forcing their schools to promote a radical gender ideology that is unscientific, full of misinformation and harmful.”

“Science” is not a citation.

Last year, he said, the government issued guidelines to all Alberta schools instructing them to avoid using “mother” and “father” and other traditional “gendered” terms.

Wait, are they guidelines or instructions? Because they can’t be both. Make up your fucking mind, Weatherbe.

In addition, “the Minister ploughed ahead with his agenda and his secretive efforts to revamp the entire education system using ‘experts’ that he refuses to make public.” They are another third party that needs investigating, Penninga told LifeSiteNews. The proposed six-year curriculum revision will clearly normalize LGBT behaviors.

Yes, the consultants are being kept anonymous by the government, probably because you and your army of fact-hating trolls will harass the shit out of them. There is plenty of opportunity for public input, why don’t you use it instead of whinging that actual facts are informing the new education curriculum?

Penninga added, “Eggen clearly believes he can tell school boards to teach a radical ideology at odds with what Catholic schools and [Protestant] Christian schools teach. If he can tell these schools what they can teach, it really defeats parents’ freedom of association and religion under the Charter” [of Rights and Freedoms].

Just to remind everyone, these schools are publicly funded. Yes, that’s right, the Christian Dominionists are complaining that their publicly funded schools are accountable to publicly formed curricula.

Penninga told LifeSiteNews that Eggen’s disapproval of the Red Deer pro-life group’s classroom presentation is just another example of how Eggen ignores the rights of Alberta’s religious schools.

Alberta’s PUBICLY FUNDED religious schools have a duty to teach the public curriculum. No such “right” exists where they can omit fact-based education, though the some schoolboards certainly try. Push all the lies you damn well want in your church, there is absolutely no rational justification for you doing it on the government’s dime.

“If he just says he doesn’t approve what was said in Red Deer, he may not be violating the Charter,” said Penninga. But if Eggen orders schools not to allow it or penalizes a school that does allow it, Penninga said Eggen can expect a lawsuit from ARPA. The Calgary-based Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has also vowed to take Eggen to court if he pursues action against Christian schools for rejecting ministry instructions that violate their beliefs.

I’ll bring the popcorn.

Cameron Wilson of the Wilberforce Institute, formerly Alberta Pro-life, told LifeSiteNews the NDP was hoping to use abortion, homosexuality, and transgenderism as “wedge” issues to alienate centrist voters from the proposed new conservative political party to be formed from the Progressive Conservatives and the Wildrose Party.

Yes, well, if there’s no difference between your country-bumpkin Christian Theocratic Dominionists and your city-slicker Christian Theocratic Dominionists then it stands to reason that non-Dominionists might not want to vote for you? It baffles me that conservatives in this province have basically admitted they know exactly what the NDP’s strategy is and their response is to… fucking dive right into that trap? Go hard, mate. Double down. Triple down. Dig deep.

There are strong social conservative components in both parties, said Wilson, so the formation of a new party and the development of its platform will offer many opportunities for the NDP, with news media support, to paint them as hateful bigots for opposing gender theory, the LGBT agenda, or abortion.

Gee, I wonder why.

The subsequent leadership race will offer yet another opportunity. Both leaders, the PC’s Jason Kenney and Wildrose’s Brian Jean, have backtracked as they try to defend parents’ rights without appearing bigoted.

And they failed, because they and this entire political clusterfuck of fact-free nonsense are built on nothing but lies and grift, and people tend to notice when you turn a minority into a fucking political football. I don’t think “all” or even “a majority” of Alberta have clued into this, but I am confident enough of Alberta knows that the anything-but-conservative crowd will rally around the NDP reliably for years to come.

Meanwhile, the Catholics who have infected every corner of the government’s supposedly public functions will continue to cry persecution because they can’t impose their religion on the powerless anymore.

Source: medcitynews (not me)